Unauthorized request for technical data… Hyundai Autoever fined 20 million won

(Sejong = Yonhap Infomax) Reporter Lee Hyo-ji = Hyundai Autoever was sanctioned by the Fair Trade Commission for requesting technical data from subcontractors without justifiable reasons.

Hyundai Autoever
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The Fair Trade Commission announced on the 1st that it had decided to impose a remedial order and penalty of 20 million won on Hyundai Autoever.

This is the first case of sanctions against requests for technical data in the field of systems development.

According to the Fair Trade Commission, Hyundai Autoever started developing a smart tag, a real-time location tracking system that includes location tracking sensors, in 2016 and proceeded with a commercialization project after mass production verification.

In this process, around January 2018, before commercialization, company A, which was responsible for developing smart tag hardware and firmware, asked for technical data such as communication protocols.

Hyundai Autoever argued that the technical data provided by company A was a contract for a project carried out for Hyundai Motor Company, and was not an illegal act.

The Fair Trade Commission rejected that there was no provision in the project contract to determine that the technical data was the subject of the contract, and that Company A’s technical data did not fall under the subject of the contract even in the relationship. between Hyundai Motor and Hyundai Autoever, the end client.

The Fair Trading Commission said, “It is a case which made it clear that the main contractor, who has a relatively better position in the transaction, is in breach of the Subcontracting Act for requesting data from the subcontractor which is not is the subject of the contract. .” revealed

This article was served at 12:00 on the Infomax financial information terminal.

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