Uncle fast transfer! Found love with a girl on Facebook – not on the cover ATM-Motorcycle seized almost a million

Uncle fast transfer! Found love with a girl on Facebook – not on the cover ATM-Motorcycle seized almost a million Now life has to walk to work. Can’t ask for a car, can’t ask for a refund.

from the case of a 64-year-old uncle from Samut Prakan Province traveling to mourn Mr. Kiatikhun Tonyang or Lawyer Pong, President of the Volunteer Lawyers Club To help after being a 46-year-old woman who found love on Facebook When I found the real one, it didn’t match the cover. But I can accept it because I love it. Finally, bankrupt, cheated, transferred, lost almost 1 million baht

Latest progress On March 20, 2023, Khaosod Online went to Samrong Klang Sub-District, Phra Pradaeng District, Samut Prakan Province to talk to Mr. Putthipong, 64 years old, The victim revealed that a friend recommended her to meet a woman in 2020. one Miss Kanchana , 46 years old, living in Nakhon Pathom province, talked to each other for 2 months before continuing to talk on Facebook for 3 months, saw a woman for the first time in the photo, beautiful face, white skin, but never met with the real one After chatting for a while, the woman asked for money. Claiming to invest in selling things, growing vegetables, orchards, he always passed them on.

Until 6 months have passed, the woman asked to get a Yamaha NMAX motorcycle and then pay the installments. With trust, I got me a car. When it’s time to pick up the car at the shop. Meeting a woman’s face for the first time not the same as in the picture Because the real person is fat, big, dark skin, after 2 months, he refuses to pay for the car.

Mr. Putthipong also said that women let them refinance in 2022. The Honda Click motorcycle that he drives to work, earns 30,000 baht and takes it all. And come and ask for a car to drive, claiming that 2 months will bring the car back So far, more than a year has passed, it has not returned, there is no car to use, it’ n he has to walk to work. Fortunately, the house and the factory were not far apart. When claiming the car back, it always deviated. Including confiscation of ATM cards and phones. Caused him to buy a new phone to use

Dating this girl for 3-4 years until last week. to know the truth that he cheated because he contacted his relatives asking for a woman, saying, “He likes to lie and cheat” for the reason that he trusts him to leave all Because of the first time for us to talk The woman promised to take care of them until they are old If no one can take care I will feed myself So I love this woman so much.

Mr Putthipong said he initially reported the matter to Samrong Tai Police Station, Samut Prakan Province. To recover the two motorcycles, he worked in a dyeing factory, earning a salary of 1.2 thousand baht, now both are motorcycle debt. and owed to other people come to this woman

“To return the two motorbikes and return all the money transferred to a total of 7-8 hundred thousand baht, even though he is still in love. But don’t take people like this anymore. Don’t give him a chance.”

However, when Mr. Putthipong calls Ms. Kanchana to claim the motorcycle back in front of the news team, Got a reply, “Why wait?” before hastily hanging up the phone.


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