Uncle Helan won the lottery for the last 2 digits, 7 tickets, Hurry to exchange it until it is absorbed. He only got 2 prizes.

After the Government Lottery Office announced the prize for the draw on 16 April, the 1st prize is 984906, the 3 page number is 670 678, the last 3 digits are 797 551 and the last 2 digits are 71.

Reporters reported that Mr Thanaphon, 66, made a complaint at Phra Pradaeng Police Station, Samut Prakan Province yesterday (April 16), at 6.30pm. Police Captain Teerasak Chaimanee, deputy inspector of Phra Pradaeng Police Station, investigated whether he had bought a lottery ticket from a lottery seller. in front of a market in the amount of 14 tokens, after buying the last 2 digits 17 in the amount of 7 tokens and the last 2 digits 71 in the amount of 7 tokens

When the prize was announced for the last 2 digits of Government Lottery Number 71, he was delighted because he won the last 2 digits, 7 tickets, so he hurriedly brought the winning lottery to exchange cash in the shop that received the monetary award. in one shop But the staff know that the lottery can only bring money for 2 tickets

But the other 5 tickets purchased as a set of 5 tickets cannot be redeemed. Because this is the lottery for April 1, 2023, the 13th draw, the 30th series, which is the old lottery that has been released. On hearing that, he picked it up to look and was shocked that it was true in line with what the staff had been informed. that the old lottery of the past era

He then brought the above 5 non-exchangeable lottery tickets to report a complaint to the police. Follow up with vendors selling lottery stalls that stand in front of the market. Who is a woman aged around 30-35, therefore wants the officer to call to inquire and continue to prosecute according to the law