Home News Uncle Saipay has pity on the fake girl who loves online. He doesn’t like it, even though he has been deceived for more than 2 hundred thousand.

Uncle Saipay has pity on the fake girl who loves online. He doesn’t like it, even though he has been deceived for more than 2 hundred thousand.

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Uncle Saipei pitys the girl who loves online. He doesn’t like it. Even though he is deceived for more than 2 hundred thousand, the Commissioner of Police. 5 confirmed that it is a criminal case. unacceptable aiming to detect more victims

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at 11:30 a.m. on October 28, 64 at the Provincial Police Headquarters Region 5 Police Lieutenant General Piya Tawichai Commander-in-Chief of Police 5 Major General Weerachon Boonthawee Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Police Station 5, Maj. Gen. Bundit Tungkaserani Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Police Station 5, ​Pol Col. Watcharat Moonwong The Superintendent of San Kamphaeng Police Station, Chiang Mai Province, gave a press conference on the arrest of Ms. Peerapat. (Last name reserved) or “Suay”, 58 years old, Nakhon Sawan province in charge of “Fraud by impersonating another person. and imported into the computer system which false information”

This arrest is due to the fact that at the end of the year 62 Mr Sak (name fictitious), aged 60, a native of San Kamphaeng district, Chiang Mai province, filed a complaint with the San Kamphaeng police station because he was attacked by a young woman. that talks through Line and Facebook They have been in a row for 2 years without seeing each other face to face. The other party claimed to be a female police officer and used a profile picture of a good-looking woman. There has been a persecution. I want to live with my uncle With love in the form on Facebook

as well as deceived by various tricks to transfer money to them, for example, the broken brother had to spend money on the funeral car accident and many more until he was convinced that he was given money every time From thousands to tens of thousands of times, a total of 20 times, worth more than 223,000 baht.

But the young woman was deformed, refused to meet by appointment and disappeared. Therefore, he filed a complaint with the police and investigated until it was discovered that the accused was Mrs. Peerapat, a native of Nakhon Sawan province, not a police officer, as claimed, and also worked as a security guard. At a company in Bangkok, therefore, brought the force to arrest them and proceed according to the law.

tattoo master 60 years old revealed that now I don’t want to take anything Even in the past, his younger brother would deceive I do not regret not disappointed I want their story to be a parable. When he saw his younger brother being arrested, he felt pity for him and his younger brother would pay for the money that had been deceived and transfer it back to him. He thought that he would not take any prosecution. with his brother Because his younger brother transferred the money back and owed another 40,000 baht.

side Lieutenant General Piya revealed that even now the victim will contact to compromise for pity on the accused But this case is a criminal offense under the land. Unacceptable under any circumstances and will check whether there are other victims or not If someone is damaged is deceived in this case. You can file a complaint at Police Station near your home

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