Home News Uncle Saipay wants to have a partner, falls in love with beautiful photos, chats for a year, loses hundreds of thousands, meets the real one, even startles.

Uncle Saipay wants to have a partner, falls in love with beautiful photos, chats for a year, loses hundreds of thousands, meets the real one, even startles.

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Caught a young thief claiming to be a female security guard Using a Facebook photo that doesn’t match the cover to deceive Uncle Saipei wants to have a partner Chatting for years In the end, knowing that he was fooled, he lost hundreds of thousands. Seeing the real thing is shocking.

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On October 27, 64, Mr. Prasert (reserves his last name), 60 years old, a native of San Kamphaeng District, Chiang Mai Province, brought photos of evidence of contact via Line and Facebook applications. with a woman named Mrs. Peerapat or beautiful, 58 years old, native of Nakhon Sawan He met with the Superintendent of San Kamphaeng Police Station for further testimony. After claiming that Mrs. Peerapat scam to transfer money and lost more than 2 hundred thousand baht and filed a complaint at the San Kamphaeng police station on December 2, 63

From the interrogation, Mr. Prasert said that he used to play Facebook with a beautiful woman. They have been in a row for 2 years without seeing each other face to face. with love In the photo on Facebook, she was fooled by the trick, saying that she was a female police officer. I don’t want to be anymore I want to live with my uncle deceived by trickery Hundreds of thousands of money tricked uncle to transfer money to help many times without ever seeing the face and real

Finally realized that I was deceived Traveled to report the lawsuit at San Kamphaeng police station, Chiang Mai province and the officers asked for approval to issue an arrest warrant. Finally, the police, Special Operations Command KG 4, arrested the suspect in Bangkok. Sent to a hundred on duty, San Kamphaeng police station, prosecuted for fraud by Pretend to be someone else

Today, Mr. Prasert came to see the accused. forged page By seeing his face, he was startled. They are different people with their Facebook profile pictures. and did not work as a police officer, know that again working as a security guard of a company which uncle told reporters I’ve been in love for a long time should not be fooled Confirmed to be prosecuted

In this arrest The reporter reported that The police officers at San Kamphaeng Police Station coordinated to the Crime Suppression Division. and requesting an arrest warrant and led forces to arrest Ms. Peerapat at her home in Nong Khaem and detained for prosecution at San Kamphaeng Police Station

Mr. Prasert continued that he knew Mrs. Peerapat via Facebook. and give a phone number to call and talk all the time until contacted via line for many years Throughout the consecutive period, Mrs. Peerapat claimed to be a female police officer under The security guard in Kanchanaburi province is single and uses a photo of a good-looking woman to show to them.

By saying that it is yourself will resign from the police and come together in Chiang Mai as well as using various tricks to deceive him to transfer money to them, for example, his younger brother died need money for funeral car accident and many more Until he was convinced that he was given money every time, from thousands to tens of thousands, totaling more than 2 hundred thousand baht.

Police Colonel Watcharat Moonwong, Superintendent of San Kamphaeng Police Station. warn people Don’t be fooled by scammers using the media. online society in impersonation Fraudulent property and if people who have been victims in the same way To report the suspect and look at the suspect at San Kamphaeng Police Station, Chiang Mai Province.

From the investigation, it was known that this suspect Caused many victims Initially prosecuted public fraud charges and the Computer Act

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