Uncover the history of Wat Sri Suphan after the 500-year-old relics collapsed.

Because yesterday (29 October. 65) there was an incident at Phra That Chedi Wat Sri Suphan. Older than 500 years old, inside Wat Sri Suphan, Hai Ya Subdistrict, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai Province, collapsed and damaged. Inside the cracked dungeon, there are two old Buddha images. and a number of relics As for the cause, it is expected to be raining for several days in a row. until the water seeped into the cracks that happened earlier. causing the soil to absorb side pressure water until it collapses

For the Sri Suphan Temple It was built in the year 2043 during the reign of Phaya Kaew. Mangrai dynasty Queen Sirisawadee Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Dhevi gave the great name Chao Muen Luang Ja Kham. Create a measure named “Wat Sri Suphan Aram”, later known as “Wat Sri Suphan”

and tied the Buddha image to the Ubosot in 1509 and built a viharn Phra Borommatat Chedi, Ubosot and the Buddha image (formerly Phra Chao Chet Tu) were incorporated in the chapel. Wisung Kham Seema was given to the temple in 1857.

Another highlight of Wat Si Suphan is that the world’s first “Silver Ubosot” is inside the temple. which is a new ordination hall which has been restored from the base and damaged area of ​​the old ordination hall using the local wisdom methods of the Wua Lai community

by this ubosot Use material of aluminum (material instead of silver) mixed silver and pure silver beautiful carving Inside the ubosot is the main image of the Buddha. “Phra Chao Chet Tu”, Buddha image, lap width 3 cubits, height 4 cubits, subdued Mara, made of bronze.

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