UnD building building features historic historic parking

UnD building building features historic historic parking

Liepold, with the help of others, received a full portion of Davis Hall, one of the first buildings built on the UND campus in the 1880s.

“We just want to go through and think about what is here,” he said. “It's the last stone of the old campus.” T

Davis Hall, named for Hannah Davis, was appointed in 1892 as the 'prefect of an English tutor and tutor at UND, the first UND dormitory. The building was built in 1887, but fell in the summer of 1965, according to UND archives.

“For years, it was a very important building on this campus,” said Liepold, pointing out that students, faculty, staff and even the president of the university ate lunch and chat. “It's so cool that we can contact that history from over 100 years ago.” T

Darin Buri, geological library manager at UND, said the bricks for Davis Hall were probably made from the same place in the Red River Valley. He said that much of the work would have been done by hand and dried by fire.

“The bricks we have made here are very soft,” he said. “They are not difficult as the bricks we think of now in modern times.”

Buri said that most bricks produced in the Grand Forks area were stamped with the name of the brick yard owner. While a brick is not yet known, Buri said that the bricks were obviously handmade and probably made in the 1800s.

It has recently been a green space where students could relax or where the theater department might show in a show from time to time.

Now the area will be parking spaces. Liepold said that the space could also be used for performances.

Liepold said that the people helping to achieve the bricks will do their utmost to save everything they can for history and to help increase the education of the students in the geology sector, but all the site can be solution.

“I don't think it's a bad story, because it will be stabilized and still there,” he said.

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