Understanding of the Social Security Fund; Venezuela’s government and opposition sign an agreement | World | Deshabhimani

Mexico City
An agreement to access international funding has been delayed for Venezuela in areas such as health, food and education.
The agreement was signed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico between representatives of President Nicolás Maduro and representatives of the opposition. The agreement was mediated by Norway. The agreement is to provide social security funding in accordance with United Nations norms.

The United States imposed economic sanctions against Venezuela during the presidency of Donald Trump. The United States has also supported the self-proclaimed President Juan Guaidó. The aim of the current agreement is to ensure that social security funds that were frozen as part of the embargo imposed by the United States after Maduro came to power are available to the people of Venezuela. Maduro’s government resumed suspended talks with Juan Guaidó’s faction in the interests of the people’s social security. It is also reported that the US government has given permission to the American oil company Chevron to pump oil from Venezuela.

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