Understanding the Cuomo-Biden Memorial

Andrew Cuomo is not running for a president, but is associated with who is seeking the Democratic nomination.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is Cuomo's favorite candidate, and the candidate dealing with him has been speaking in public since January. 2. Biden formally entered the Thursday nominations competition and, as reported by CNBC, Cuomo is providing access to its fundraising network.

But why would Ned Stark play to Robert Baratheon at Biden? Here are a few possible reasons:

Appreciation Generation

President Trump's 2016 election not only reorganized the Republican Party, but also initiated reform of the Democrats. Very widely, a party once existed with Clintonite defined wings and populist-Progressive. The wings are now divided between the concentrated and progressive Democrats. Cuomo is firmly in the consensus camp, making Biden a more comfortable choice for him.

But it might be more complicated than that. It is unlikely that Cuomo will see many colleagues in the battle for the Democratic nomination in politics as long as he is and who has experience other than Biden. In recent weeks Cuomo has shown that the current political climate with a poor reward system is upset. Instead of producing achievements, retweets are being produced.

Biden was born 10 years after Cuomo's late father, former Gov. Cuoo, and he is 15 years older than the governor, but in a rapidly changing and diversifying party, Biden, like many voters, represents a version of Comomo's comfort food.

They are working together

Cuomo soon went on to Biden. He spoke to working with a late son of Biden, Beau, and both of them are sitting in general attorneys offices in New York and Delaware.

While Vice President Biden traveled to Albany to speak – in length – with Cuomo on infrastructure. Similar events followed, with the same equivalents under Biden's assessment that LaGuardia Airport is like a “third world country.” Cuomo takes this as a Bidenistic wisdom about the need to upgrade the airport. Biden also provided political support to Cuomo.

It was featured in the 2018 state democracy Convention, along with Hillary Clinton and DNC Chairman Tom Perez, to lend established support to a governor of Cynthia Nixon, a public education actress and advocate. left side. Subsequently, Biden also appeared in a television advertisement for Cuomo's re-election.

Cuomo has a connection with the other parties 2020. He worked, of course, with U. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand at the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Help Bern. Ms Sanders, with tension within the New York delegation – which included a number of her supporters – was defeated by the 2016 national convention on breakfast presentation.

Subsequently Sanders provided a progressive helpful endorsement to Cuomo on his college teaching plan that expands state aid and accelerates the minimum wage in the state. Progression in New York showed that the details of both are short (the college teaching, in general, is not “free” in New York, but it provides last mile assistance up to a certain income level, and will hit the minimum wage. $ 15 in New York City area, but at an undefined time limit).

Cuomo Thinks is a Biden Win

He said himself. And it is not surprising if Cuomo has a poll that focuses on this as well, as well as questions about the main characteristics of democratic voters in the care of the nominee: in-option.

But why did you submit?

The Democrats are changing. There are more women and people looking for Democratic nominations than ever. Buttigieg Mayor, Southern Bend, is the first gay man openly to serve as president. Biden is the oldest man ever elected and the first white man named by the party from John Kerry in 2004.

But Cuomo might have reason to have confidence for his politics. This time last year, Nixon's campaign was ongoing. On paper, the benefits of labor support, west New York, and fear of suburban voters at Cuomo. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez then won her primary school against the accuser holder Joe Crowley and the traditional political wisdom seemed to be a loss too. But eventually in September, Cuomo, with his war warfare providing scale in a large state, was expensive to run and prevailed coalition voters.

For Cuomo, the lesson learned in the third campaign is: It works politically.

Biden-Cuomo ticket is almost absurd on its face, rather than the lack of gender, age and racial balance. It's almost impossible to think of Cuomo playing the second string as vice-president, a less powerful and powerful job that a president is sitting. Some of them have worked with him thinking that he might be interested in a cabinet job as secretary of Homeland Security, a job that allows him to have a huge bureaucracy, which he shows he has seek oversight and remodeling in New York state government.

Cuomo, however, insisted that he liked his current job. And he's collecting money this spring to keep it.


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