‘Underwater battle that can’t see even an inch ahead’… Daegu FC, with a new win, confirmed to advance to the round of 16 in ‘Achamp’


A boring first half… The mood reversed from the second half, Jeka came back goal in the 81st minute
Game was interrupted due to sudden heavy rain

Daegu striker Jeka, who scored from a penalty kick in the 81st minute of the ACL Group F Game 6 match against Lion City at Buriram Stadium in Thailand on the 30th, celebrates. Provided by the Korea Professional Football Federation

Daegu FC, who participated in the ‘2022 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League (ACL)’, defeated Lion City (Singapore) and decided to advance to the round of 16. Although they encountered an unexpected situation in which the match was stopped amid an unexpected ‘heavy rain’, the Daegu players managed to win without losing their concentration.

Daegu played a match against Lion City in the ACL Group F Game 6 at Buri Ram Stadium in Thailand on the 30th at 8 pm. If they win, Daegu won 2-0 in the match that would secure them to the round of 16.

For Daegu, it was also an opportunity to reproach the 0-3 loss they suffered to Lion City in the second game.

On this day, Daegu operated a 3-4-3 formation. Jeka, Ahn Yong-woo, and politicians attacked, and Lamas and Lee Jin-yong were placed in the midfield. Hong Chul and Hwang Jae-won played as both wing-backs, and Kim Jin-hyeok, Jeong Tae-wook, and Jo Jin-woo formed the three-back. Seunghoon Oh put on goalkeeper gloves.

Daegu dominated Lion City from the first half on the basis of detailed pass play. Couldn’t make a decisive scene.

In the 8th minute, Jinhyuk Kim attempted a daring mid-range shot, but it went wide.

On the 12th minute, Jeka hit a high RBI header, but went straight to the goalkeeper. In the 15th minute, defender Jin-Woo Cho tried to header from a corner kick to the opponent’s goal, but it came up over the goal.

Singaporean naturalized player Eui-Young Song, who scored the first goal for Daegu in the second game, put a dagger again. In the 26th minute, Song Eui-young trapped the ball accidentally dropped by the Daegu defense with his chest, and then scored with a surprise right-footed shot.

Daegu became impatient and began to tighten the reins. At the 37th minute and 39th minute, Hong Chul and Ahn Yong-Woo attempted to shoot in succession, but it did not lead to a goal.

After that, Daegu continued to attack in front of Lion City, but it all went to nothing.

In the first half, Daegu launched a 9-2 offensive in shooting, but it seemed that they were not able to use their strength as they were pushed by Lion City’s efficient game management, such as recording 2-1 on effective shooting.

At the start of the second half to change the mood, Daegu replaced Ahn Yong-woo and politicians, and Lee Geun-ho and Kim Hee-seung were put in.

In the 54th minute of the second half, Daegu equalized. Geun-ho Lee, who entered Hong Chul’s cross as a substitute, threw himself to score.

After that, it rained suddenly, and the game was held in unfavorable conditions reminiscent of an underwater battle. It was so heavy that it was difficult for the players to even open their eyes and the whistle could not be heard. The ball barely had any speed.

In the 64th minute, Lion City showed their willingness to score an additional goal by introducing tall striker Shin-wook Kim.

Heavy rain was a big factor in the game. In the 74th minute, Jinhyuk Kim tried to shoot from a long distance, but stopped in front of the goal due to the rain. The ball did not roll well, so tactics and individual skills were meaningless.

In the end, the referee decided that it was difficult to continue the normal game and stopped the game in the 76th minute. The work to remove stagnant water from the stadium continued.

The game resumed around 10:34 PM as the rain subsided a bit.

Daegu scored a dramatic comeback goal in the 81st minute. In the penalty kick awarded for an opponent’s foul, Jeka finished neatly in the lower left corner of the goal and scored the goal.

In the 87th minute of the second half, with a pool of water still pooling on the ground, Jeka tried to shoot in a 1-1 situation with the goalkeeper, but it missed the goal. In the 90th minute, Daegu took a free kick. Lamas tried to shoot directly into the goal, but it was bounced off the opponent’s defense wall.

Daegu continued the offensive in extra time in the second half, but the game ended as it was.

With this victory, Daegu secured 13 points and secured first place in Group F. Although the points were the same as Urawa Reds (Japan) in the same group, they advanced to the ACL round of 16 as the first place in the group according to the winner-win rule.

Of the three K-League teams that played on the same day, only Daegu advanced to the round of 16. Ulsan Hyundai and Jeonnam Dragons suffered from being eliminated. Jeonbuk Hyundai, which has advanced to the round of 16 early, is aiming for the first place in the group through a match against Yokohama Marinos on May 1 at 11 pm.

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