Underworld roguelike ACT “HADES” Nintendo Switch version domestic distribution started. The highly acclaimed masterpiece is finally released in Japanese, and cross-save is also available | AUTOMATON

Developer Supergiant Games announced on June 24th that the roguelike action game “HADES』Nintendo Switch version was distributed in Japan. The price is 2800 yen. It was distributed in advance overseas and received high praise, and this time it was finally released after localization in Japanese.

“HADES” is a roguelike action game with a top-down perspective, with Greek mythology as a motif. The main character is Zagreus, the son of Hades, the god of the underworld. He was tired of living in the underworld, partly due to his father’s opposition, and decided to escape to the earthly world where Olympus exists. Challenge the battle in the underworld under Hades, saying that no one can escape.

The underworld is divided into four areas, each of which consists of a large number of rooms. Defeat all the enemies that appear in the room, move on to the next room, and gradually climb to the ground. At the end of the area, the boss, a thug sent by Hades, is also waiting.

Zagreus’s initial weapons include swords, which allow you to unlock types of weapons such as spears, bows, shields, guns, and gloves as you progress through the game. You can use normal attacks and special attacks properly. For example, in the case of a spear, a normal attack is a quick melee attack, and a special attack is a long-range attack that draws after throwing a spear. The play style changes greatly depending on the weapon, so it’s a good idea to choose according to your preference. There is also a magic bullet, an attack skill that is different from weapons. Make full use of the dash to escape the enemy’s attack and bury the enemies that appear one after another.

You can get a reward when you clear the room. One of the rewards available is the blessing of the Olympian gods. Blessings are mainly weapon upgrades, which basically increase the attack power, but add different characteristics depending on the god you meet.

For example, Artemis has a higher critical rate, Poseidon has a knockback, and Zeus has an electric shock that propagates around. There are various other gods and effects that include enhancements other than weapons, and you can choose from three randomly presented types to upgrade. There are also blessings that go especially well with each weapon, and it’s fun to find such a combination.

Other rewards include items that raise the level of blessed weapons, money that can be used in the shop, and items that can be used for unlocking elements. The door to the next room will display those types so you can choose if you have more than one door. What kind of blessings and items will appear next is random, but it is a mechanism that can be strengthened with some direction.

If you die on the way, you will be returned to the Hades mansion in the underworld and start over. All upgrades from previous play will also be lost. However, items related to the unlock element mentioned above can be taken over. Unlocking elements include upgrading Zagreus’s basic abilities, unlocking weapons, and decorating Hades’ Mansion.

This game is designed on the premise that it will be played over and over again, and there are plenty of replay elements. The story unfolds through conversations with NPCs that are exchanged as the play continues. Every time you play, new conversations occur with Hades, the gods of Olympus who are relatives of Zagreus, the bosses who stand in the way, the people who live in Hades’s mansion, and the people you meet along the way. A story about the connection of family and people between Zagreus himself and the people around him is gradually spun.

There are also elements that can be given as gifts to specific NPCs. The higher the intimacy, the more conversations and events will occur. The amount of text in this work is huge, which seems to be one of the reasons why it took a long time to localize in Japanese.

“HADES” is being distributed for Nintendo Switch and PC. Also, PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One version will be released on August 13th. Also available on the Xbox Game Pass. In addition, since cross save is supported between the Nintendo Switch version and the Steam / Epic Games store version, those who have played the Steam / Epic Games store version can enjoy the continuation on the Nintendo Switch. It is possible.


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