UNESCO lists French baguette and Khmer boxing as “intangible cultural heritage”

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization or UNESCO published the way of making bread. French baguette and Cambodia’s national martial art, Kun Lbokator, as one of the 13 “Intangible Cultural Heritage” in 2022.

UNESCO honors the tradition of making baguettes and the way of life that revolves around long breadsticks with a crunchy outer crust and a soft centre. which has been part of French life for a long time The National Federation of Bake Shops estimates that every year more than 6 billion pieces were produced in France.

It was recognized by UNESCO on November 30 as a cultural heritage site, captivating the entire French nation. Especially those in the bread production industry. After the French government applied for status in 2021

Reuters image / A 2019 report estimated that 6 billion baguettes are produced annually in France.

French President Emmanuel Macron congratulated and praised the baguette as “250g of wonder and perfection. and it is one of the lasting symbols of the country.”

Dominic Anrak, president of the National Federation of Pastry Shops, said it had been given cultural heritage status. It pays tribute to a baker and pastry chef.

“A baguette is not just flour, water, salt and yeast, but also the skill of the artisans who make it.”

It is believed that the history of this bakery began in the 19th century, it was made as simple and easy food for the labourers. Before becoming a popular food in all classes To the point that it is a famous food and is sold all over the world today.

Khmer boxing

In addition to Baguette, there are 24 members of the Intergovernmental Panel on the Protection of the Intangible Cultural Heritage The Moroccan city of Rabat also voted on November 29 to register Kun Lbokator (Kun Lbokator), or Cambodian martial arts. It is also called “Khmer boxing” (Kun Khmer) on the list of representatives of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

The English Phnom Penh Post reported that Gun l bogator, or bogator, is an ancient martial art used by the Khmer people to protect themselves from wild animals. The word bok (bok) means smash, hit, and the word tao means lion , the strongest carnivorous beast in ancient Khmer mythology. The fighting stance of this martial art. Found in temples built since the 7th century

The Phnom Penh Post also reported that the Cambodian government has been preparing documents to submit to UNESCO in this regard since 2008. Submitted 3 times and then stuck during COVID. until it is published in 2022

Cambodia will host the 32nd SEA Games in Phnom Penh from May 5-17, 2020, with Kun Bogator and Khmer boxing among the 40 sports to be held.

Online Manager reported on November 30 that the Cambodia SEA Games Organizing Committee and the Cambodia National Olympic Committee. together with related agencies Preparing to organize a pre-SEA Games Khmer boxing tournament in Preah Sihanouk from December 9 to 11, which is expected to have 142 athletes from 7 ASEAN countries. join the competition

In 2019, this UNESCO committee It has a decision to list “Thai massage” (Nuad Thai, traditional Thai massage) as a representative of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity. including cultures from 14 other countries

Thai massage is a cultural heritage. It is the second Thai item to be listed on the cultural heritage list after “Khon”, which was listed as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity last year after Thailand became a party to the Convention for the Protection of Humanity and the Safeguarding of Heritage cultural intangibles in 2016

In 2022, apart from French bread and Khmer boxing, the UNESCO conference also approved other things as “intangible cultural heritage”, such as Japanese ritual dances. North Korean cold noodles Tea production process and Chinese tea drinking ceremony Holy Week in Guatemala and German modern dance

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