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Six months ago, when Mahendra Singh Dhoni arrived on the scene to claim his fourth title in the Indian Premier League (IPL), the cricketing world eagerly made an announcement. The award ceremony at the Dubai Sports Complex was held amidst rumors that the beloved ‘head’ of the Chennai Super Kings, who soared like phoenixes from the biggest crash in history, would be crowned. Harsha Bhogle shocked Dhoni by telling the Chennai fans, who were on the verge of excitement and excitement, to ask Dhoni – ‘Now turn to the camera and tell the fans what you have to say’.

But what the Yellows fans feared did not come in Dhoni’s reply. As Dhoni completes his innings in the 14th edition of the IPL, with the team’s prospects just around the corner, hopes are high that Mahendra Jalam will hand over Chennai’s scepter with a trophy on Indian soil. But before he could fly, Mahendra Pan Singh Dhoni, the ‘coolest’ captain of Chennai and India, announced his departure from those hopes. With just two days to go before the crease of the 15th Premier League wakes up, MSD has taken off Chennai’s turban.

Unexpected or MSD‌

Dhoni is a cricketer who has surprised his opponents and fans throughout his career with his unexpected decisions in front of and behind the wicket. The 40-year-old is creating a repetition of that style in Indian cricket through his unexpected resignation. If you look at the steps of Dhoni’s career from his transition from football to cricket to his current Chennai descent, one can see the flood of words ‘unexpected’.

The Ranchi batsman has been named in Team India’s senior squad for the stormy innings that rocked Pakistan in the tri-nation series between the ‘A’ teams in Kenya. Dhoni came to the crease of India’s long-held desire to have a wicket-keeper who knew how to bat, with his lazy long hair and huge sixes.

The change from the firing batter to captain Dhoni was unexpected. Rahul Dravid’s decision to exclude seniors from South Africa’s first Twenty20 World Cup has given Dhoni the captaincy of the youth ‘World Cup team’. Dhoni’s team flew to South Africa on a trial basis at a time when India was not interested in Twenty20s. It was the beginning of captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s assassination.

On the night of April 2, 2011, Chennai’s change of captaincy marked the end of India’s second ODI World Cup triumph in a six off the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.

Undeterred farewells

The announcement of the change of captaincy on the Chennai Super Kings’ Twitter account is sure to be the mother of all the news heard so far ahead of the 15th season of the IPL. This is because the change is MSD and the timing of the change is unpredictable. Dhoni’s decision to step down was to create news like thunder. Dhoni’s career has a history of choosing ‘surprise’ times to say goodbye to Test cricket and salute international cricket.

Captain Dhoni’s dramatic retirement from Test cricket at the age of 33 came during an eight – year tour of Australia eight years ago. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, one of India’s all-time great captains, has decided to retire from Test cricket due to the stress of continuing in all three categories of cricket, according to a statement issued by the Board of Control for Cricket in India in December 2014.

Dhoni retired after the third match of the four-match Test series ended in a draw. Dhoni’s Test debut comes a month and a half before the ODI World Cup in Australia. Dhoni shocked in one day. It was in the midst of such an IPL preparations from the Chennai Super Kings camp that the decision to bid farewell to India’s all-time great captain came in the wake of the Independence Day celebrations.

The arrival of the legendary star’s retirement announcement message on social media via Instagram – ‘Thanks for all the love and support you have given so far,’ has dashed expectations that MSD will shine in Team India’s color in the 2020 Twenty20 World Cup in the IPL. Assume I’m retired from 19:29 ‘: That’s all Dhoni shared in a message on August 15, 2020 at 7.29pm!

English Summary: MS Dhoni Quits Chennai Captaincy

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