Unfair criticism of “the scammer”… “Nira Tandon controversy” A Korean journalist who

Kim Seung-min, reporter at the White House at the Washington Post. This is your Twitter profile picture. [트위터]

A Korean-American reporter who stands at the center of the controversy over the case of US President Joe Biden’s first failure of personnel is a topic. Nira Tandon, who was nominated for the first time as the director of the White House Budget Office (OMB) as a member of color, resigned on the 2nd (local time), and the person who provided a decisive point was Seung Min Kim of the Washington Post (WP). ) Reporter. Reporter Kim is an American, but uses the Korean name as it is. This is where the pride of being of Korean origin can be read.

On his Twitter, there is also a picture of a mother wearing a hanbok and wearing a veil. Last January, when Korean female federal congressman Marylin Sunja Strickland wore a hanbok, he was one of those who posted a photo first with a tweet. In the reporter introduction section of WP, it is stated that “speaking Korean as well as English”.

This is how reporter Kim unintentionally got caught up in the controversy. Tandon was one of the key figures taken by the Biden administration, but harsh talk was an issue. In the past, he played the role of’fighting chicken’ and left swear words and dead ends against Republican officials online, such as on Twitter. Senate approval is essential for the appointment, but his swearword has even turned some Democratic lawmakers on the back. The Senate’s appointment itself was in jeopardy, as both Democrats and Republicans occupied 50 seats each. Eventually, the White House came to vote for the Republican Party’s nonpartisan lawmakers, and in the process, reporter Kim Seung-min became controversial.

Nira Tandon's resignation article written by reporter Kim Seung-min. [WP 캡처]

Nira Tandon’s resignation article written by reporter Kim Seung-min. [WP 캡처]

Among the Republican non-partisan lawmakers, Lisa Merkoski was the most likely person to vote in favor of Tandon, and Tandon had once struck a vicious tweet against Merkoski. Murkosky, however, did not know this. When reporters covering him asked, “How do you view the tweet that Tandon called you’garbage’,” they said, “What is that?” and one reporter showed him the tweet. He was reporter Kim Seung-min.

Fellow reporters took a picture of Lee Kim showing the tweet in question to Congressman Merkoski, and the tweet with the intention of “a scene of working hard” sparked controversy. From the 24th of last month (local time), passionate supporters of the governments of Tandon and Biden started pouring malicious comments and e-mail attacks on reporter Kim. Some of the e-mails that reporter Kim himself posted on Twitter contain inscrutable profanity and racial and sexist remarks.

Then WP began to protect reporters. Reporter Kim’s boss, editor Stephen Ginsberg, directly made a statement with his real name. If you transfer some of the content as it is, it looks like this.

“There is a rush of racist, sexist, and false fact-based attacks on Seungmin. (Omitted) Minority women like Seungmin suffer from such malicious attacks every day, no matter what article they write. (Omitted) What Seungmin did is the basics of journalism. As a reporter, I just did the natural thing. (Omitted) No one should be subjected to what Seungmin suffered. Seungmin only did what he was supposed to do, and he did it as well as always. We can no longer be proud that he is part of the WP.”

A statement issued by WP to protect reporter Seung-min Kim. [WP 캡처]

A statement issued by WP to protect reporter Seung-min Kim. [WP 캡처]

The support for reporter Kim also appeared in the New York Times (NYT), a competitor of WP. In a column written by NYT’s veteran female veteran columnist Maureen Dod, on the 27th of last month, “There was discriminatory remarks on reporter Kim’s e-mail and social media, and Democratic supporters have also called senators who opposed Tandon I started walking,” he wrote. “Reporter Kim had to even hear the word’snitch’.” While defending reporter Kim. The core message of the Doud columnist, who has been publicly criticizing the Republican Party for decades, was that it was a mistake if Democratic supporters thought that reporters would break the brunt just because the Biden regime was in force.

Eventually, Tandon resigned on the 2nd. Reporter Kim himself wrote this article. WP announced the news of Tandon’s resignation by stating Kim’s byline (reporter’s name).

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