Unfold the heroic biker, the girl riding through the barrier Just caused the accident, 4 cars shouted as Lan Ya Mo

From the case of a young biker riding a big bike on the expressway Before driving through the barrier at the toll gate Riding on like a deadpan Later, the police were able to intercept them at the Bangna Expressway. The girl turned out loud. Pushing the staff away from approaching And curse with profanity As already reported

Recently, social media digs the history of the woman, adding that on January 9, at a hotel in Muang district, Singburi province, this young woman was in a drunken state. Holding a knife about 50 centimeters long, yelling abusing the patrol officer Muang Singburi Police Station Who drove the patrol car turned on the lights, arrived at the scene Then he walked with the knife and shouted, “Why did you come?”

Then the woman became even more crazy. Hold the dagger, drag it to the ground around, yell insults, and use the dagger to slash the car, the hotel guests damaged 4 cars before standing on the table saying “Supisara Na Korat is Grandchild Yamo” until After 5 minutes, the woman was relaxed. So they put down their weapons and surrender themselves to the police

For the investigation to know that the woman named Ms. Supisara, 28, drove to Tak alone, had reserved a room at 1 room for a stop later in the afternoon, she had a stomachache. Call the staff from Singburi Hospital. To pick up and take care of it until symptoms get better and come back to the room. Later, I was drinking alone until I became intoxicated. And invited other guests to drink together, but was rejected. Use a knife to slash other guests’ cars. Until receiving damage to 4 cars, the officer has led to the calm Muang Singburi Police Station Before informing the 4 victims to negotiate the damages


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