Unforgettable…not even saying goodbye single lightning ‘The Red Groom’ fell down, killing Kata, no matter how the heart pumped, it was not getting better.

A 26-year-old man from Lamplaimat District, Buriram, went out to farm and was struck by lightning. Only the sky was cloudy and a single crackling sound was heard. Young collapsed in front of him, ran into CPR, but later died. My mother revealed that she had only been married for 3 months, she didn’t think it could happen like this.

on June 10 Police Lieutenant Colonel Chaliew Payakkul The Inspector (Investigation) Police Station, Lam Plai Mat District, Lam Plai Mat District, Buriram Province, received a notification that there was a lightning strike. In Ban Nong Khwang, Khok Klang Sub-District, Lamplaimat District, Buriram Province, he rushed to investigate with the Samakkhi Lamat Charity Rescue Unit.

The location of the accident was a field at the end of Nong Khwang Village, Village No. 9. A villager was found performing CPR. Watchara Mr 26 years old, living in Khok Klang Sub-District, Lamplaimat District, Buriram Province, but could not hold on to his life and later died Preliminary examination found that the back of the leaflet found that there were many traces of burning.

inquiry Pairat Mr Aged 46, an eyewitness said that the deceased was outdoors at that time. The atmosphere was cloudy, but it hadn’t rained yet Suddenly, a very loud cracking sound was heard. see the dead fall So they went to help with CPR but they couldn’t help.

side Miss Amphika Aged 24, the deceased’s wife said that the cause of the lightning was currently unknown. Because I never carried a device that would be a lightning rod with me. The content of the phone does not dare to carry But it can also be struck by lightning

side Samran Ms 45 years old, the mother of the deceased Saying with tears that he had 2 children, the youngest had an accident and died 3 years ago, he did not think that this son would be killed by lightning again. I admit that I am sorry and I cannot accept this incident. As the son is a hardworking man who has just given 40 some of land and has been married for only 3 months, he did not think that his son would be this short.

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