Unfortunately, the “ruthless husband” killed the “wife” and buried the ground to cover up the case. After a serious argument by family problems

Yesterday afternoon (7 November 65) Pol Col Issaraphan Surathip, Inspector of Investigation at Tase Police Station,Yalla the villagers informed that the body had been foundbury In the area, Village No. 1, Ban Yupo, Yupo Subdistrict, Mueang DistrictYalla Therefore, the force traveled to investigate the location of the accident. with the staff of Evidence Center 10 Yala Military, administrative and rescue kits – Kor Niao Yala Rescue

On reaching the scene, it was found to be a one-story cement house. About 30 meters away, behind the house is a mixed fruit orchard. The staff found the hole. The look has recently been excavated. covered with grass and branches

The staff then coordinated the small digger. Digging the soil until the body is found. bury Woman, about 50 years old, wearing a brown shirt, wearing a sarong, a rescue kit – Mae Kor Niao Yala Rescue. Bring the body up for an autopsy.

Initially found dead There were injuries to the head and body. Later, he learned that her name was Mrs. Arphon Intarasakul, aged 55, a villager in Village No. 5, Khlong Sok Sub-District, Phanom District, Surat Thani Province. Before the officers sent the body to Yala Center Hospital for a thorough autopsy again.

From the investigation, it was known that on 1 November, 65, around 07:40, Mr Chalermphon Inthasakul, 28 years old, son of the deceased. has reported with Pol Col Phattana Kaenkaew, an investigative officer at the Tase Police Station, Muang Yala District, that the mother has disappeared. who was last seen on October 30, 65 around 8:30 pm and Mr. Chalermpol is expected mother Likely to be fatal and suspect that Mr. Sommit Intarasakul, 60, the father after trying to tell his son that the mother had fled to live with relatives in the area. Nakhon Si Thammarat province and then travel with a friend’s ten-wheel truck that was going to Prachuap Khiri Khan Province. and don’t ever come back to this house again along with talking harassingly all the time

However, the son noticed the newly dug hole. backyard It was covered in grass and branches. 25 – 30 meters away from the house

Later, on November 6, 65, around 2:00 pm, the son, together with relatives, brought the car.baekhosmall to dig a hole and found the body of Mrs. Umphon, the motherbury in the hole

by the condition of the body with a floating groove the head was attacked and by the body It is believed that he has been dead for several days. and from the investigation Evidence confirms that Mr. Sommit, the husband of the deceased that the criminal So the officers kept Mr. Sommit for further investigation at Tase Police Station, Muang District.Yalla

Recently, Pol Lt. Col. Attaphol Kulawongmanaso, Inspector Yai of Tase Police Station, telephoned the reporters. “Khom Luek Online” that after keeping Mr. Sommit The husband of the deceased went to investigate. He admitted that at first Is he the one who killed his wife, Mrs. Arphon, until he died afterwardsquarrelserious of family problems then a punishment arises So he used a hammer to beat his wife’s head until she died.

The body was then buried at the back of the house. Before the son had doubts and took the backhoe he came to dig such a hole until he found the body.

And last night (November 6, 65), officers brought the suspect. going to make a plan to accompany the confession and today (7 November 65) the investigating officer will speed up the conclusion of the case Preparing to present a legal case to court tomorrow (8 November 65)

Unfortunately, it killed the Unfortunately, it killed the Unfortunately, it killed the

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