Unfortunately, the young man pressed to buy 4 tickets with the Plus Lottery, but forgot to transfer, the lucky winner won the lottery 24 million.

A young man, a customer of the Plus Lottery Division, presses to buy 4 lottery tickets, but forgets to transfer, wins the 1st prize, receives 24 million baht.

After the Government Lottery Office Announcing the results of the award The draw for June 16, 2022, with the first prize is 361807, the last 2 digits are 92, the 3 front numbers are 549 and 285, while the last 3 digits are 228 106, as has already been reported.

The Plus Lottery Division informed that there were lucky people who bought the government lottery with the Plus Lottery Division. The draw for 16 June 2022 won the 1st prize, number 361807, 2 people, received a total prize money of 42 million baht.

Most recently, at 19.31 on the same day, Nott Phanthawat Nakvisut, the executive of the Plus Lottery Division, posted a Facebook message as a picture of a conversation with a young man. which is a customer who presses to buy a government lottery On the website of the Lottery Plus, the amount of 4 cards, but forgot to press the payment. Appears to be the lottery number 1 prize.

By Knot Kong Lottery Plus wrote a message stating that “Oh, I can only say that I’m very sorry for the customer. Every time you buy, don’t forget to transfer + attach the slip.”

In this post, there are many people commenting, such as regret instead, shock instead, merit has karma, to the point that I can’t sleep.