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‘Ung Ing’ shows the vision of the chairman of the Advisory Council for Thailand ‘Thaksin-Oak’ joins in supporting the live broadcast in Dubai

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‘Ung Ing’ shows the vision of the chairman of the Advisory Council for Thailand ‘Thaksin-Oak’ joins in supporting the live broadcast in Dubai

On October 28, at the Khon Kaen International Convention and Exhibition Center at the Pheu Thai Party (PAD) general meeting, Ms. Patongtarn Shinawatra, daughter of Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, former Prime Minister as chairman of the Advisory Committee on Involvement and Innovation The PA Party gave an interview to the media about its role in working in the PA Party that

Intends to come to cover 3 topics: education, technology, and soft power promotion. with ideas that have been proposed for the party to continue working as a group, as a team did not become a politician and not a politician He’s just a party adviser. which will come to work with full intention with the heart that wants to push the new generation to have more opportunities than this

When asked if there was an opportunity to continue working in politics, Ms. Paethongtarn said that it was a matter of the future. and will do the best job here. This is the first step to becoming a mentor yet exciting. and fear not doing well So let’s get this right first. and something else, let’s talk about it later

When asked today, coming to the debut on the stage of the district. It’s like representing the father. Is there any way to continue the political work? Ms. Phaethongthan said that the truth is not necessary to speak here. I can’t differentiate myself and my father. because he is your father’s son Wherever you go, it’s your father’s son, which is pride. and don’t want to change

Ask how long this decision will take. And how did you talk to your father? Ms. Paethongtarn said that really, innovation and new technology are something that we have already discussed in the family. We really want to promote and emphasize this. which we are not good at politics, so coming here without being a politician I think I feel more comfortable

When asked again If in the future be nominated as a candidate prime minister of the party area. Do you think that you can do that? and the response of the people in the party Wherever we go, we work together as a team.”

When asked again, That means if the response in the party is welcome It means that it can be done. Ms. Paethongtarn said, “Wait, I’ll let you interview me one more time.”

When asked, what do you think if the candidate prime minister of the party. Being Ms. Paethongtarn, Ms. Paethongtarn said that today was just new here. However, I would like to encourage you. If there is a mistake in any way, please advise each other. We would like to concentrate on doing the duties assigned here to the best of our ability first. Otherwise, just wait. When it’s time in the future, it’s all about the future.

Reporters reported that Mr. Panthongtae Shinawatra or Oak posted an Instagram clip while sitting with former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. In a house in Dubai United Arab Emirates Watch a live broadcast of Ms. Phae Thong Than or Ung Ing, showing his vision on the stage of the Pheu Thai Party meeting in Khon Kaen, where Mr Thaksin and his son have a good mood and talk. Oak’s Instagram also stated, “I’m far away. Sending my heart to support 2 stars”.

while Dr. Cholanan Srikaew, the leader of the PA Party The new person gave an interview about the launch of Ms. Phaethongtarn to attend the event. Will it be seen as a nominee or not that confirmed that there is absolutely no control? Because the structure that comes out is an open structure for all parties to work together. Absolutely no domination

When asked if this restructuring would make those who wish to move the party or a cobra Do I need to rethink the attitude? And these people are sympathetic people. because he wants to be a member of parliament if he sees a picture of the area today He will be very confident that he will definitely be a member of the House of Representatives, and if the land slides. It will be a driving force for him to change his mind and decide. I’m sure that no one will leave and will get new people to add to the work. As for those who have already left, will come back now. It is still considered too late. because they want to give an opportunity to participate But the most important point is to be able to accept the new work.

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