UNICEF condemns Myanmar school attack, 11 children dead, 17 injured

UNICEF Condemnation of the Myanmar military’s use of helicopters to attack a school in Tabayin Killed 11 children, 17 injured, pointed to untargeted shooting. and 15 more children were reported missing.

Today (21 September 2022) UNICEF Confirmed reports of deaths in Myanmar military use of air strike helicopters in a school in Tabayin. in the central area in northern Myanmar on 16 September 11 children died, 7 of whom died on the spot.

UNICEF condemns such violence. By declaring that he was shooting into a community area without choosing a target. In addition, 15 children from the same school were missing, demanding their safe release immediately. He emphasized that the school must be a safe place and should not be the subject of attacks under any circumstances.

According to some news agencies, 13 people were killed in the incident, yet another escalation in the Myanmar military’s crackdown on opposition groups. which has faced opposition since the civilian government took power on February 1, 2021

According to the Myanmar Violence Observatory, more than 2,300 civilians have been killed in a battle against resistance by Myanmar’s military government.

The spokesman of the military government of Myanmar Denied news reports that the Myanmar Army launched air strikes But admitted to sending soldiers on helicopters to the village where the accident actually happened. After receiving a tip that fighters from the Kachin Independence Army, KIA and local armed groups were moving weapons in the area. He also accused resistance fighters of using civilians as human shields. and seizing various Bomb land mines from the village

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