‘Unidentified body’ found in Achankovilat: Homosexual murder, accused arrested

Mavelikkara: Police said that the incident where an unidentified body was found in Achankovilat a year ago was a homosexual murder. On March 1 last year, the body of an unidentified man was found in Achankovilat, east of the Mavelikkara Valiyaperumpuzha bridge. The police investigation could not identify the person. Later, DNA tests revealed that the body belonged to Vinod (34) of Kannamangalam Kaithavadak Kannel house, who went missing from Chettikulangara during the same period.

The murder was sparked by some suspicions raised by the police in a case that should have been terminated as a drowning death. Shibu Karthikeyan (32) and Pela Kochukalikkal Anilkumar (45) were arrested at Shibu’s house in Chettikulangara. The incident took place on March 1 last year. The body of an unidentified man was found floating in a dilapidated condition near the Valiyaperumpuzha bridge. During the same period, the police suspected that the body belonged to Vinod, who went missing from Chettikulangara, but the relatives did not identify him.

Following the suspicion about the body, the police collected samples of DNA for post-mortem and sent it to the Thiruvananthapuram Forensic Science Laboratory. Subsequent examination results in January 2021 proved that the deceased was Vinod. It was also revealed that the death occurred by drowning in the postmortem. Meanwhile, on February 28, 2020, at 4.30 pm, the police received footage from a CCTV camera at a nearby pump showing two persons following Vinod on a bike in the Panachamoodu area and grabbing him by the bike and taking him to the Valiyaperumpuzha area.

Subsequent investigations revealed that Shibu, Vinod’s neighbor, used to threaten him and use him for homosexuality, and that Shibu and his friend Anil took Vinod to an unoccupied field. The police arrested the accused and questioned them after it became clear that they were the ones who had taken Shibu on a bike. She initially pleaded not guilty but later confessed to the murder during cross-examination.

Defendants forcibly took Vinod on a bike to Achen Kovilat, east of the Valiyaperumpuzha bridge, stripped him naked, threatened him, forced him into the water and forced him to have sex. Vinod, who did not know how to swim, drowned in the river. Defendants also told police that Vinod had drowned and his clothes were buried nearby. Meanwhile, the police had received information that Anil had made a revelation to his friends while he was drunk. The police recorded the arrest of the accused and remanded them.

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