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UnionCop Smart Promotion Campaign Winner Announced

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Dubai : UnionCop, the UAE’s largest consumer co – operative, has announced the launch of its Lexus IS Grand Prize in the Smart Promotion Lottery. 300 winner announced.

Mohammad Isheli owns a luxury car and Samar Jahshan owns an iPhone 12. UnionCop department heads, managers and staff participated in Sunday’s draw, which was overseen by Ibrahim Shah, Field Control Section Manager, Dubai Economic Development Department.

The ‘More of Everything’ campaign, announced in September through an online store (mobile app), lasted until mid-October. Each week the winners received a total of four iPhone 12s and a lucky Lexus IS at the end of the campaign. 300 cars were donated. The campaign was organized with the aim of promoting consumers to smart shopping, adhering to the declared terms and conditions and based on social constraints.

Earlier, UnionCop released the names of the winners on social media during the period from September 15 to October 15. Abdul Kaleda won the prize in the first week, Ramzan Barakat Firoz Khan in the second week and Qadri Qawlak in the third week.

The UnionCop Director of Happiness and Marketing said that UnionCop has given customers the opportunity to participate in the raffle and win prizes for luxury cars and smartphones by downloading UnionCop’s application and purchasing at least 100 dirhams through the Smart Campaign announced last month. Suhail Al Bastaki said.


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