UnionCop to implement indigenization | 14Sep2021

Dubai : UnionCop, the largest consumer co-operative in the UAE, is undergoing localization. UnionCop officials said they would take steps to increase localization at all their branches, centers and malls in Dubai. The repatriation rate in UnionCop’s top ranks reached 72 percent.

A number of schemes have been devised to attract deserving natives. The CEO said that UnionCop has made great strides in the field of indigenization. Said Khalid Humaid bin Diban Al Falasi.

The new procedures are aimed at supporting indigenous youth to be active in the job market and develop skills. It also provides excellent training to support the natives. There are 453 natives working under Union Cope. Most are in high positions.

UnionCop now holds a leading position in the private sector. Excluding migrant workers, 37 per cent of the jobs for which repatriation is applicable. It also provides opportunities for locals in areas such as cashier, treasurer, customer service coordinator and consumer happiness service.

To this end, open day recruitment targeting expatriates and increasing the rate of repatriation by increasing the number of expatriates with high school diplomas and degrees. He also said that all the benefits are being given to the natives as an incentive to enter the private sector.

The UAE has made it a priority to provide employment to expatriates in all fields. UnionCop aims to attract and retain some of the best employees in the country to carry out the recommendations of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.



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