UNIQLO co-branded “SPY x FAMILY Spy House Wine”, Ania’s signature “Ha” face put on the body | 4Gamers

UNIQLO is about to launch a UT joint series with the theme of the popular work “SPY x FAMILY Spy House Wine”, which is expected to be officially released in Japan on June 3.

“SPY x FAMILY spy house wine” describes the spy “twilight” Lloyd. In order to carry out the task, Fojie made an appointment with the killer “Sleeping Beauty”. Fojie, Aniya. Fojie each concealed his identity and formed a temporary family.

This UT joint series takes the core Fojie family as the protagonist, and launches a total of 4 UT models, including the full-member model based on the representative color light green of the work, the Lloyd model with a handsome silhouette, the low-key and stylish black bottom line clause, Show Ania’s quirky goose-yellow models, etc.

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The reference price of the whole series is 1,500 yen, and the release news in Taiwan has not been announced.

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