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Correspondent Lin Mingrou / Report from Taipei

▲Zhou You (right) went to the hospital to give the condolence money to Lian Mingyue (center) at the end of last month. (Photo/provided by Zhouyou)

Lian Mingyue, a 70-year-old veteran actress from Gezi Opera, appeared on the show only in October this year and revealed that she passed out in the toilet for 40 minutes. After being rushed to hospital, she was checked for cirrhosis of the liver She didn’t expect to be seriously ill today (5) Her good friend Agu (Zhou You) confirmed this to “Sanli News Network” earlier, saying that 10 days ago, she went to the hospital with sympathy money to give Lian Mingyue, but he did not expect to hear that the other party died the next day, and he sighed, “It is very sad, it is too late. a long time”.

Zhou Chi said in an earlier interview that Lian Mingyue participated in the 14th “Listen to Our Songs and Watch Our Films Taiwan Classical Film and TV Concert” held by her and her husband Li Chaoyong in August this year. Not well, but she was still working very hard during the performance.” I saw her squatting down and almost unable to stand up. I went to the service desk alone. I was felt very sad, so I gave a little more for the performance. “After that, I also came forward to care, and encouraged early follow-up treatment, and finally helped Lian Mingyue raise medical expenses by raising a lot of money work.

Lian Mingyue and A Gu have a very good friendship.  (Photo / flip from Lian Mingyue Facebook)

▲ Lian Mingyue has a very good friendship with Aunty. (Photo / flip from Lian Mingyue Facebook)

On November 25, Zhou You raised 100,000 yuan. He and his friends went to the hospital with the comfort money. Lian Mingyue dragged his weak body outside the hospital to meet them in person. Zhou You said, “It looked fine at the time. She has already been admitted to the hospital, “He told me that the other day was a little bad, and my son sent me to the hospital. “She was walking with an IV as a crutch, and then I hope that Lian Mingyue will be able to tide over the difficulties and everything will be fine.

Zhou Chi (right) has always been aware of Lian Mingyue's (middle) condition.  (Photo/provided by Zhouyou)

▲ Zhou You (right) have always been aware of Lian Mingyue’s (middle) condition. (Photo/provided by Zhouyou)

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