Universal control for sharing keyboard and mouse between iPad and Mac, available in beta-Engadget Japan version

Universal Control

It is reported that the long-awaited universal control function since its announcement in June of last year (2021) has finally appeared in macOS 12.3 and iPadOS 14.5 Beta 1 for developers.

Universal control works between Macs or a combination of Mac and iPad. It is a function that allows you to operate a nearby Mac or iPad using the mouse, trackpad, or keyboard of one Mac.

On the stage of the World Developers Conference WWDC, the pointer moved to the iPad side when the iPad was brought close to the Mac, and the demo that both devices can be used seamlessly with one operation system attracted a lot of attention. However, it has never been used by users, including the beta version for developers since then.

By the way, the setting of universal control is the system environment setting on the Mac side.[ディスプレイ], On the iPad side, the settings app[一般] >[ AirPlayとHandoff]You can check it with the “Cursor and Keyboard (Beta)” added inside.

With this feature, you can move the cursor or enter text on the iPad with the Mac mouse and keyboard, for example, even if the iPad does not have a mouse and keyboard connected. Conversely, you can also operate your Mac from a Magic Keyboard connected to the iPad side.

Initially, Apple was planning to release Universal Control at the same time as the launch of macOS 12 in the fall of 2021, but it was quietly postponed from “Autumn of this year (2021)” to “Next spring (Spring 2022)”.

At the time of writing, the Universal Controls feature is only available to developer beta test registrants. The public beta version, which is available to other applicants, is expected to be released soon, so if you want to try it at your own risk, please register here.




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