Universal pension launched to build humanitarian and welfare state: Information Minister

Minister of Information and Broadcasting said that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has taken the initiative to introduce universal pension system thinking about the marginalized people of the country. Hasan Mahmud. He said that this pension scheme will play a big role in building a social welfare state and humanizing the state. But civil society including BNP has failed to congratulate it.

He said this while speaking as the chief guest at the opening ceremony of Chittagong City Corporation-Red Crescent Physio Orthopedic Rehabilitation Service Center on Friday (August 18) at noon.

Hashan Mahmud said that the way Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is taking the country forward, it is being appreciated by the international community. Can’t just praise some parties and some individuals including BNP in our country. It is unfortunate for the nation. No matter what anyone says, no matter how much they criticize, action will result in criticism. We have a mindset of welcoming criticism. That’s why we think there is no harm in criticism. But blind criticism is not good. No say culture and no say politics is not good for the state.

Mayor of Chittagong City Corporation Birul Muktijoddha Reza Karim Chowdhury presided over the event under the chairmanship of Bangladesh Red Crescent Society President Major General (retd) ATM Abdul Wahhab and Red Crescent Society Chittagong City Unit General Secretary Abdul Jabbar. The Physio Orthopedic Rehabilitation Service Center was set up at a cost of about 60 lakh taka with the personal funding of MA Chalam, Treasurer of Bangladesh Red Crescent Society.

The joint general secretary of Awami League said that the Prime Minister has launched the universal pension system thinking about the marginalized people of the country. There are four programs within the public pension system. One of those programs is for the very low income people. The government will give the same amount of contribution as he gives. If he pays 1000 rupees per month, the government will give another 1000 rupees. Universal pension system is a great initiative in building social welfare state and humanizing the state.

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He said that members of the civil society, who give knowledge to the nation for reasons or reasons, have also failed to congratulate the Prime Minister for launching the universal pension scheme. Maybe a few days later will try to figure out what’s wrong here. They don’t do any work, mistaking what others do. That’s why I named them the Mistake Party. After 12 o’clock in the night, this mistaken party was televised.

The information minister said that after forming the government in 1996, Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina introduced old age allowance and widow allowance with the aim of forming a humanitarian and social welfare state. Now 22 types of allowances are given through different agencies and ministries of the government. Three to three and a half thousand people get various types of allowances in each union council. Today, Sheikh Hasina is giving homes to people who have lost their dreams.

He said, the leper who does not even have relatives with him, the Vedic community lives in a boat, who does not build a house, the person who begs from people, gets burnt by the sun and gets wet in the rain, he never dreams of a paved building, he dreams that if I had a It used to be a two-storey house, giving up on their dreams, Sheikh Hasina along with the ownership of the land has already built eight and a half lakh paved tin shed houses.

Red Crescent Society has gained the trust and love of the people of Bangladesh. Hasan Mahmud said that there are new world-class hospitals in the country, the cost of services there is so high that it is beyond the reach of common people. That is why our government has modernized community clinics and hospitals to bring healthcare to people’s doorsteps. The condition of the hospital is much better than before. The Red Crescent Society can make a very important contribution to this.

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Wishing that the Orthopedic Center established by City Corporation and Red Crescent Society becomes a symbol of popular confidence of the middle and lower middle class, Information Minister Hasan Mahmud said, Red Crescent Society works with the mindset of service. Not only should the institution be established, but the quality of service should be maintained and at the same time low cost service should be ensured. I hope that people’s trust and love for the Red Crescent Society will expand, more wealthy people will come forward. Will come to the side of people in the service of humanity.

Bangladesh Red Crescent Society Secretary General Kazi Shafiul Azam, Treasurer MA Chalam, Chittagong City Unit Vice President Alamgir Parvez spoke at the inauguration ceremony among others.

Iqbal Hussain/EA/JIM

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