University Announcements 27 April 2022


University Announcements 27 April 2022: Announcements and important educational news from various universities in Kerala at a glance

University Announcements 27 April 2022: Announcements and important educational news from various universities in Kerala at a glance

Kerala University Announcements: Kerala University


Career Related CBCSS conducted by Kerala University on April 8. Fourth Semester B.Sc. 1444 – Signals and Systems Examination of the Electronics Kovid Special Examination is canceled. The re-examination will be held on May 3.

The ‘Strength of Materials Lab’ Practical Examination of the Civil Engineering Branch for the 4th Semester B.Tech., December 2021 Supplementary Examination of the University of Kerala will be conducted on May 5 at LBAC, Thiruvananthapuram. Details on the website.


Ninth Semester Integrated LLB conducted by Kerala University in December 2021 Candidates who have applied for the scrutiny of the examination should reach the EJTA (Ten) section on 28th, 29th and 30th April 2022 with the photo identity card and the hall ticket of the said examination.

Examination fee

The first semester MBA conducted by Kerala University in May 2022. Regular – (2021 Admission – 2020 Scheme) Supplementary – (2017 Admission – 2014 Scheme), (2018 & 2019 Admission – 2018 Scheme), (2020 Admission – 2020 Scheme) Examination without penalty upto May 5, with penalty of Rs.150 / – till May 7 with penalty of Rs.400 / – You can apply till May 10.

MG University Announcements: MG University

Updated exam date

The third year B.Sc. Medical Microbiology (2008-2014 Admissions – Mercy Chance) Examinations will start on May 13. You can apply on May 4 without penalty, on May 5 with a fine of Rs 525 and on May 6 with a superfine of Rs 1050. Those who write Mercy Chance have to pay a special fee of Rs. 5250 in addition to the examination fee and CV camp fee.

Application Date

Fourth Semester CBCS (2019 Admission – Improvement / Re-Appearance, 2018, 2017 Admission – Reappearance), CBCSS (2014-2016 Admission – Re-Appearance / 2013 Admission – Mercy Chance), Cyber ​​Forensics (CBCS – 2019 Admission – Improvement / Reappearance, CBCSS – 2014-2018 Admission – Re-Appearance) Degree examinations can be applied from April 29 to May 3, May 5 with a penalty of Rs 525 and May 5 with a superfine of Rs 1050. Fee details are available on the University website.

Examination fee

B.Sc. from 1st to 4th year. Nursing (2013-2015 Admission – Supplementary, 2012 Admission – Supplementary / 2012 Admission (Those who have passed the Basic Examination of the Nursing Council) – First Mercy Chance, 2007-2011 Admission – Second Mercy Chance Examinations will be conducted from May till April 28 with penalty upto April 28 and without penalty upto Rs. 29 and Rs.

Second year M.Sc. Medical Anatomy (2019 Admission – Regular / 2015-2018 Admission – Supplementary) Examinations will start on 13th May. You can apply on May 4 without penalty, on May 5 with a fine of Rs 525 and on May 6 with a superfine of Rs 1050.

Exam result

The first semester B.P.Ed. (2020 Admission – Regular) Exam Results Published Applications for re-evaluation and scrutiny will be accepted till May 11 at the office of the Controller of Examinations with a fee of Rs 370 and Rs 160 respectively.

Calicut University Announcements: Calicut University

EPR in the examination hall. Section control

EPR, which administers professional courses at the University Examination Hall. Due to relocation of the section, the service from here on 28th and 29th is limited to urgent needs only. The Deputy Registrar informed that students should avoid visiting except for essentials.

Exam application

CBCSS-PG in Affiliated Colleges Candidates can apply for the first semester November 2021 examination till 28th without penalty and till 30th with penalty of Rs.170. CBCSS-UG Candidates can apply till May 29 for the examination without penalty and till May 4 with penalty of Rs.170.

Private Registration Third Semester B.A. Multimedia November 2019 Supplementary and Improvement Examinations can be applied up to 28 without penalty and up to 30 with penalty of Rs.170.

Exam result

Second Semester M.A. Islamic History, Master of Business Economics April 2021 Exam Results Published. You can apply online for the revaluation till May 9 and 10, respectively.


The November 2021 Regular, Supplementary and Improvement Examinations for the Third Semester Degree Programs will begin on May 12th.

M.P.Ed. Practical

One and two semester MPEd. The practicals for the November 2020 / April 2021 exams will be held on May 17, 18. Details are available on the website.

Trial exam changed

SDE The online trial trial of the first semester undergraduate students has been rescheduled to be held on the 27th. Renewal date will be announced later.

Kannur University Announcements: Kannur University

Walk-in interview

Kannur University Dharamshala Campus Teacher Education Center is recruiting on an hourly basis for the vacancy of Assistant Professor in English. Eligible candidates should appear for the interview on May 4, 2022 at 10.30 am on campus. NET / Ph.D. In the absence of qualified candidates NET / PhD Eligible PG and M.Ed candidates will also be considered. Contact 0497 – 2784715, 9947988890 for more information.

Contact classes

Kannur University Distance Education Department – Additional Optional Co-operation I (Class Co-operation I) Class 2022 April 30 (Saturday) Kannur S. N. Third year UG in college too. Class for Open Course – (English for Competitive Examinations and Business Purposes) will be held on 30th April 2022 (Saturday) at Kannur SN. College, Kanhangad NAS on Sunday, May 01 (Sunday). It will also be held in college.

Other educational announcements

You can apply for a summer school internship at CUSAT

Kochi: Kochi University of Science and Technology Prof. N. R. Applications are invited for the Summer School Internship Program at Madhava Menon Interdisciplinary Center. Science and law undergraduate and postgraduate students can apply. Scholarship benefits will be available to selected students. Interested candidates should submit their proposals before May 10. For details visit www. or www. icrep.cusat. Visit or contact us on 8078019688.

Applications are invited for short courses

Applications are invited from women for short courses conducted by Malampuzha Women’s ITI and Institute of Management Committee. Eighth class for Stitching and Embroidery (three months) course, plus two for 3D Visualization course (100 hours), Diploma in ITI / ITC Engineering and SS for Tally ERP 9 (one month) course. LLC, MS Office and Internet Course (One Month) SSLC That is the qualification. Applications will be accepted until 4 pm on May 7. Those interested can contact us directly on 8089521397.

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