University cafeterias post announcements to help students in need to eat – Video – CGTN

Original title: University cafeterias posted announcements to subsidize meals for needy students

On September 19, Shangqiu, Henan Province. A warm reminder is posted at the dining window of the restaurant on the second floor of the College of Engineering If students encounter difficulties or family difficulties, they can go to any window to eat, and pay when the conditions are good. Everything will be fine Let’s cheer up and see this through together. A reminder, a male classmate said that the owner of the restaurant was very kind; a female classmate said that all of us will inevitably encounter difficulties in life, and the boss’s kind actions make the students feel very warm. According to Lin Hongyu, the manager of the restaurant on the second floor, he told every window that students who encounter difficulties should be allowed to eat first. If there is proof of the difficulties in the school and their hometown , they can be allowed to do so. eat for free until the end of the semester.

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