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University student group “Jang Je-won’s son rapper Noel, arrest investigation”

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A university student group has called for an investigation into the arrest of rapper Noel (Jang Yong-jun), the son of National Power lawmaker Jang Je-won, who is accused of driving without a license and assaulting a police officer.

On the 25th, the College Student Association (Daejinyeon) launched an emergency action in front of the Seocho Police Station in Seoul calling for an investigation into Jang’s arrest and the resignation of Rep. Jang. Participants stood at intervals of about 10m with pickets and held a one-man demonstration. They shouted slogans such as “Arrest and investigate Jang Je-Won’s son, rapper Noel Jang Yong-Jun,” and “Jang Je-Won should resign from his position as a member of the National Assembly right now.”

In a statement, Dae Jin-yeon said, “The police at the scene arrested Noel as a current offender, but an absurd incident occurred that he was sent home after investigation.” claimed that He continued, “It would be an unfair parental chance if Noel was not arrested. Rep. Jang should take responsibility for the child problem and resign.”

It is known that Noel was driving a Mercedes-Benz car in Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul on the night of the 18th and had a collision with another car. The police, who arrived at the scene afterward, demanded identification and a breathalyzer test from Jang, but Jang refused to do so and reportedly hit the policeman’s head. The police arrested Jang as a current offender, completed a brief investigation, and returned home.

Noel was also put on trial in 2019 for driving under the influence of alcohol and hitting a motorcycle. At that time, after the accident, Jang tried to ‘change the driver’ with an acquaintance, causing controversy. At that time, Noel was sentenced to 1 year and 6 months in prison and 2 years of probation in the first trial, and the sentence was confirmed as it did not appeal.


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