University student who attended flower farm practice dies after getting stuck in a machine that pours soil


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A 20-year-old college student who was practicing at a flower farm got caught in a machine and lost his life.

It turned out that there were no safety rules at the accident site, and there was no mandatory industrial accident insurance.

Correspondent Kim Jung-woo reported.

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A flower farm in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do.

Yesterday morning, a university student who was practicing here was poured into a machine that mixes soil and fertilizer and fell inside and died.

[고양소방서 관계자]

“Should it be called a dirt grinding machine, my whole body got stuck in it, so there was a report so please come quickly, it’s urgent…”

It is a mixer in the same way as the machine in the accident.

The hook-shaped shaft rotates to mix the soil and fertilizer, but it lost its center and fell while trying to put in 30 kg.

[해당 농가 직원]

“It’s just that (the machine) is spinning, and I can’t focus on it, and I can’t even take it out by force…”

It is said that the man who died was a sophomore student in the Department of floriculture and had an accident while going out for field training.

The flower department of the school makes long-term field training compulsory for sophomores, but an accident occurred ten days before the end of the practice.

[해당 농가 직원]

“Four months. Yes. I used to do it once every day…”

At the time of the accident, another trainee and two farmhouse workers were present at the scene.

The school’s safety regulations related to field training are all about “observe the safety rules set by the field professor.”

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However, the field professor referred to here is none other than the owner of the practice site.

In fact, the responsibility for safety has been passed on to the flower farms.

[대학 관계자]

“The manual stipulated separately, it’s not nailing. You have to manage your own safety…”

In the case of on-the-job training, it is compulsory to purchase industrial accident insurance at the training institution, but it was confirmed that the dead student did not even have this.

The Ministry of Employment and Labor is reviewing whether the workplace can be regarded as violating the Occupational Safety and Health Act through on-site investigations.

This is Kim Jung-woo from MBC News.

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