Unlock Games from Around the World

Unlock Games from Around the World

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There are awesome video games. They are fun, relaxed, and are a great way to socialize with friends when you can't land in real life.

Of course, they stop feeling like that when you have to discard games to enjoy them.


What are you stopping from playing the games you want? Many things, unfortunately. Here's a close look at the leading reasons you might need to unlock video games or video-related content:

  • The region locks – Modern consoles do not use regions locks, while older versions (like the Xbox and Xbox 360) still do. DLCs ​​purchased in one region will not operate in another. Oh, and platforms like Steam use region locks for activation keys as well. What's more, gaming servers can be locked regions, which prevents you playing with your friends if you are from another country.
  • Release dates – Games do not always emit simultaneously across the globe. Sometimes, a few days release could be delayed in certain regions. This could be very disruptive if you took time off work to spark a game during their first release date, except that you get out a few days (or worse, weeks) later in your area.
  • Government Censorship – Not all countries are friendly. Some prohibit video games for silly reasons. Australia is the best example. The country banned four video games in the first three months of 2019. These are just a few examples – the actual list of prohibited games in the country is much longer. Other countries that do the same are Brazil, China, Germany and New Zealand.
  • Firewalls – This usually takes place in school or on school campuses. Essentially, the learning institution advertises web forces to block specific online games on the school network.

Whew, now there are a lot of things to deal with because you need a few hours to relieve a video game. Luckily, things don't have to be complicated because there is an easy solution.


So how can you unlock the favorite games? It's simple – just use VPN! VPN is an online service that hides your IP address, making it very easy to bypass any restrictions since gaming servers and shops can no longer see your real geo site. Also, since the VPN also encrypts traffic, firewalls cannot control further access to the web.

Using a VPN is a walk in the park. Download and install the application, run it, and connect it to a VPN server. That is – when you are connected, the server replaces your own address and the client begins to encrypt your traffic.

Other uses for VPNs in Gaming Games

Unlocking games is not the only thing you can do with VPN. Here are other ways it gives you a better gaming experience: t

1. It can reduce time lag and ping.

Believe it or not, using VPN when you can prevent packet loss game, which is the main reason you get high ping times and rare delays. Think about it this way – if you are from the UK and if you use a VPN server in Japan to play on a Japanese gaming server, your traffic has a direct route: the VPN server -> the Japanese gaming server.

On the other hand, if you do not use a Japanese VPN server, you could look at your traffic like this: United Kingdom -> Italy -> Romania -> India -> Taiwan -> the Japanese gaming server. Easy to see how you get delay time and at high ping with second choice, right?

2. It keeps you safe from DDoS / DDoS attacks?

Sick losers are part of the package when you are playing multiplayer video games, but if you are unlucky, you may come across someone who is enthusiastic enough to DoS / DDoS you. Basically DDos floods your traffic without unsolicited traffic and requests to disconnect you from the server or web.

It cools strange, but it can happen. In fact, there are many times already – there is only one case of a PS4 player with this method to disconnect other players from the PlayStation Network. When a DoS / DDoS attack can cost as little as $ 5 or just $ 10 / hour, it is not surprising that anyone can use them. But with VPN, your IP address is hidden, so no one can flood your network because they can't find it. Also, VPN good servers have anti-DoS / DDoS protection.

3. It helps you avoid IP bans.

Servers admins can also be greatly missed. You might not just have a personal problem with you, or think you're using ceats and explorations when – in fact – you're just like a pro. Whatever the case, if you spend an IP ban on your way, it's too – you can't play the server again until they decide to build it.

Luckily, VPN can help you immediately prevent prohibitions on IP. The service sends your IP address, so that you can make the same connection to the server as you wish.

4. It prevents bandwidth trawling

Bandwidth shading is when your ISP decides that you are using too much data on video games, so they reduce your online speeds to prevent congestion. That's why they usually give. But they also do so to push you to buy subscriptions and data plans.

VPN can stop bandwidth throttling by encrypting your traffic. As your ISP cannot see what you have to do online, they cannot selectively lower your speeds.

Pick the right VPN

It is important to ensure that you choose the right VPN. If you don't, you could have a service with poor speed optimization, lack of server diversity, no light protocols, and bandwidth caps. Basically, everything your gaming sessions could destroy.

The right to find the right VPN, however, can be difficult. You need to closely analyze the provider's features, check their privacy policy, test the links to see if there is any leakage, and compare them with many other VPN services. Here is a list of the best VPNs for gamers to do simple things to start unlocking.


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