Unlock the idea of ​​winning profits in TFEX “this April 28 ———— Siamrath

The Futures Exchange (TFEX) invites investors to watch Special Live TFEX to step into the 16th year “Unlock Your Trade: Unlock the idea of ​​winning profit in TFEX” by Dr. Rinjai Chakornpipat, Managing Director of Contract Market Plc. Futures Trading (Thailand) gave a special speech on the occasion of TFEX, stepping into its 16th year, with a seminar on “Unlock Trading Ideas … 3 Strategies for Every Situation in TFEX” by Jaranawet Saksri, Director of Investment Advice, Pawarit Phuriwetkhunakorn, CFA Director of Securities and Futures Trading, Kiatnakin Securities Phatra Public Company Limited introduces TFEX trading techniques in every market rhythm with Options and Dej Thanawangsa-at, Director of Retail Analysis. Country Group Securities Public Company Limited introduces how to create a Money Management system for a portfolio with Robot Trade. There is also a topic “Unlock Derivatives Trading in the World of Digital Transformation & Technology Disruption” by Panot Jitkarun (P.Tan), Chief Executive Officer, Mudley Group and Chief Investment Officer, Riccio Investment meet on Wednesday 28 Apr 2021 from 1pm to 3:30 pm. Watch via Facebook Live: TFEX Station.


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