Unmarried Ahn Jae-hyeon misunderstood Baek Jin-hee as a playboy with angry scribbles

From the first episode, ‘The real one appeared!’ captivated the small screen over the weekend with a stormy development.
In the first episode of KBS 2TV’s weekend drama, ‘The Real One Has Appeared!’ (Director Han Jun-seo/Screenwriter Jo Jung-ju/Producer Victory Contents), which premiered on the 25th (Yesterday), Oh Yeon Mae -du (Baek Jin-hee) is a super rookie charismatic lecturer who specializing in the field of the Korean language. Appearing as a lecturer, he left a strong impression with a view to captivating work and love. ‘The real one appeared!’ Episode 1 recorded the highest viewer rating of 17.7% (provided by Nielsen Korea, based on nationwide households), the highest among all programs broadcast on Saturday, and announced a pleasant start by delivering full ‘real’ fun excitement and reality.

On this day’s broadcast, Oh Yeon-doo, who had her goal of becoming a top-class trainer, was living her happy days, but she was shocked to hear that her lover Kim Jun-ha (Eui-je Jeong) cheating on her. Feeling betrayed by the fact that Kim Jun-ha had prepared a surprise proposal for a woman other than herself, she threw a cake at Kim Jun-ha’s face and hit her with an exciting blow, which gave vicarious satisfaction to r home theater.

However, Oh Yeon-doo, as if he was not satisfied with it, expressed his anger by scribbling on Kim Jun-ha’s car with a red marker. This was another start to an unusual event. The car that Oh Yeon-doo scribbled on was not Kim Jun-ha’s car, but Gong Tae-gyeong’s (Ahn Jae-hyun’s) car.

Gong Tae-kyung is a skilled obstetrician and gynecologist specializing in infertility clinics. Gong Tae-kyung, a doctor and celibate, suddenly received a proposal from his girlfriend, and after rejecting it, he showed his ‘outside touch’ charm by calming his girlfriend down.

Gong Tae-kyung, who was comforting his girlfriend, was surprised to see that his car was scrawled with the word ‘playboy’. Gong Tae-gyeong, who was misunderstood as a playboy, found Oh Yeon-doo who was scribbling and followed him, but in the end he couldn’t catch him, and Oh Yeon-doo and Gong Tae-gyeong an unusual first meeting, adding to the interest.

The family history of Oh Yeon-du and Gong Tae-kyung, who are different from each other, also caught the eye. First, Oh Yeon-doo’s family was worried about Oh Yeon-doo and went looking for her when she disappeared from her home after breaking up with her boyfriend Kim Jun-ha. Seeing Oh Yeon-doo, who was eating alone in a convenience store, expressing relief, made me feel a special sense of family love.

On the other hand, Gong Tae-gyeong’s family, who had been stolen by his new daughter-in-law Lee In-ok (Cha Hwa-yeon), was a thorn in the side. Eun Geum-shil’s (played by Kang Bu-ja) grandmother forced Gong Chan-sik (played by Hong Yo-seop) into an arranged marriage with Jang Se-jin (played by Cha Ju-young) , she had known for one. a long time, in order to kick Gong Tae-gyeong out of the house.

To make matters worse about the attack, Oh Yeon-doo went to the hotel to meet Kim Jun-ha again to return the proposal ring he had prepared. At that time, Gong Tae-kyung, who was not married, hurried to the hotel after hearing from the hotel staff that Oh Yeon-doo, a red magic criminal who graffitied his car, had appeared. Oh Yeon-doo accidentally saw Jang Se-jin and Kim Jun-ha’s kiss scene and unconsciously fainted in front of Gong Tae-gyeong.

At the end of the broadcast, Gong Tae-kyung, who took the fainting Oh Yeon-doo to the emergency room, heard from the doctor that Oh Yeon-doo was pregnant.

‘The real one appeared!’ In the first episode, the acting of the actors who melted into the characters themselves shone, raising the sense of immersion. Here, the directing that captured the unadorned daily life and the exciting story was added to make the viewers immerse themselves in the drama.

Meanwhile, KBS 2TV’s new weekend drama ‘The Real Appears!’, which predicted home theater occupancy from the first broadcast, will air today (26th) at 8:05pm.

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