Unmask indoors?

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This time, we are talking about Corona.

Even after the Chuseok holiday, the corona epidemic has subsided, and quarantine authorities have begun to formulate an exit strategy.

Above all, there is growing interest in the timing of removing masks indoors.

It seems we will also be removing our masks indoors by the spring of next year, at least six months later.

Reporter Lim So-jeong reported.

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2 years and 8 months of living wearing a mask.

[남정민/서울 은평구]

“I think it would be a bit more reassuring to wear a mask indoors, except when drinking coffee or something like that.”

[임기택/서울 마포구]

“It’s uncomfortable and I think it’s right to release him now.”

After four months of removing the mask in the open air, the quarantine authorities were lucky to ‘remove the mask inside’.

[정기석/감염병 위기대응 자문위원장 (지난 16일)]

“In fact, few countries are as strong as ours for indoor masks. We should start preparing for an exit strategy from now on….”

The biggest reason behind the review of the exit strategy of COVID-19 is the mortality rate, which fell from 2.1% at the beginning of the epidemic to 0.04% recently.

Although there are differences in timing and approach, experts generally agree that the time has come to prepare for the end of COVID-19.

He said now is the right time to start a discussion, now that the Omicron pandemic and re-pandemic has passed and the number of confirmed cases has stabilized.

[정재훈/가천대 예방의학과 교수]

“I believe it is important to continue discussing the easing of quarantine. In particular, a gradual approach to things like wearing (removing) masks for babies and toddlers may be very acceptable to the public….”

A gradual approach to things like wearing (removing) masks for babies and toddlers may be more acceptable to the public…

Some voices question the effectiveness of indoor masks.

[김윤/서울대 의료관리학과 교수]

“Actually, it should have been turned off already. After entering a restaurant like a restaurant, everyone takes off their masks, and many people are infected with Omicron, so if they have immunity , the effect will not be great.”

After entering, everyone removes the mask, and many people are infected with Omicron, so the effect will not be great if they have immunity.

It seems that many foreign countries, such as the United States, France, Germany and Singapore, have already removed the obligation to wear masks indoors.

The quarantine authorities plan to hold a public opinion poll on indoor masks soon and draw up an exit strategy with the aim of around March next year.

This is Sojung Lim from MBC News.

Video commentary: Na Kyung-woon/Video editing: Jang Ye-eun

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