unni mukundan about the bala, the issues of his personal life do not concern me; What Unni Mukundan said about Y Bala – apart from Y Bala all are good actors; unni mukundan for his co-star

For some time social media was negative and cyber-bullying took place against Bala. But gradually it turned positive. Even after much criticism, Bala did not change anything in his speech or his actions, but he changed the way the audience judged them. Now Bala has a stronger fan base than before.

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Bala is happy now

The actor is now happy with the success of Shafiq’s film, Shafiq. In the film, Y Bala has a comedy role that has not been done before and a different getup. It was news that the actor’s performance was accepted by the people and he came to the theater with his wife Elizabeth and shared everything about the success of the film and some of his pains with the audience.

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said Unni Mukundan

Now, the film’s director and producer Unni Mukundan talks about Bala and Bala’s arrival in Shafiq’s film, Shafiq. At the beginning of the story, nothing from Y Bala was part of this film. Then after each period came many characters. So once, I felt it would be better if I played the role of Bala Inna. When the director told Anoop, he was not interested at first. But later when he started making Bala, Anoop himself said that it was the best casting.

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Bala is a great actor

Bala is a very good actor. What happens in his personal life is none of my business. Bala acted very well in Shafiq Shafiq. Even if you ask me if I did better than me, I can’t say no. Such a great artist. Unni Mukundan said that hero Prithviraj can perform so strongly because he has a great villain like Bala.

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The return of Bala

This film can be said to be Bala’s return to Malayalam. After the negative role in the film Pulimurugan, this will be one of the roles that the Bala has played in the mind of the audience. In between he did films like Anakallan but Bala’s character did not get much attention. The role in Lucifer was notable but a cameo role.

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