Unni Mukundan Reveals Why He Left the Film ‘Bruce Lee’ and Teases Upcoming Action Project

Unni Mukundan Reveals Departure from “Bruce Lee” Film

In a surprising turn of events, Unni Mukundan has announced that he will no longer be appearing in the highly anticipated film, “Bruce Lee.” The actor shared this news in response to a query from a curious fan. Regrettably, Mukundan had to step away from the project due to creative differences with director Vysakh. However, fans need not despair as the same team is already working on a new action film. Mukundan assured his followers that they can expect an exciting action-packed movie from him in the coming year, as the team adapts to the demands of the industry.

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‘Bruce Lee’ was the film where Unni Mukundan was expected to appear as an action hero. Unni Mukundan has revealed that Bruce Lee has left the film announced by director Vysakh Unni Mukundan. The actor announced this in response to a question from a fan whether Bruce Lee has left the film.

‘Yes my friend. Unfortunately Bruce Lee had to give it up. It was for creative reasons. But the same team is working on another project. It is likely to be an action film. The image can be adjusted to whatever the time demands. Unni Mukundan said that we can definitely expect an action film from him next year.

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