Unstoppable Yuta Watanabe succeeds in four consecutive 3-point shots in the 4th quarter and becomes the driving force behind the defeat of the Grizzlies! – Basket Account | Basket Account

Led a 16-5 run in the final quarter

A game where the Nets hosted the Grizzlies at home. Yuta Watanabe showed great success in leading the team to victory in a game that attracted attention as Kyrie Irving returned from suspension.

After failing to make a difference in the first half and trailing 57-62, the Nets battled back in the third quarter. Watanabe scored his first goal with an easy layup from Royce O’Neill’s assists, and in the last possession, he started to run at this moment confirmed Kevin Durant’s steal, decided to make a quick attack, and widened the lead to 96-93.

And in the last quarter, Watanabe shows a different dimension. From a Ben Simmons kick out he hit a 3-point shot without hesitation, and when he managed to do this, he also scored a corner kick 3 and forced the Grizzlies to take a timeout. Unstoppable Watanabe tried to drive the ball into a mid-range shot, but it changed straight to a pass to Irving, who ran under the goal, setting up an easy shot.

When he sinks a corner three again in transition, he succeeds with a 3-point shot off a Kevin Durant pass in the following possession. Watanabe, who dominated the game as the center of the offense, drew two Grizzlies defenders by trying to aim for a 3-point shot, and directed an unmarked Kevin Durant goal with only off-ball movements.

In this way, Watanabe made four 3-point shots in a row, and the Nets immediately ran 16-5 in about 5 minutes from the beginning of the last quarter, broke the Grizzlies’ heart, and won with a final score of 127- 115.

Watanabe recorded 16 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists, including 4 out of 6 successful 3-point shots in 25 minutes of playing time. When he was dismissed with five-and-a-half minutes remaining in the quarter-finals, he received a standing ovation from his home fans.

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