Unusual Discovery: Korean Man Finds Massive Mushroom Mistaken for a ‘Huge Egg’, Valued at 50 Million Won

Astonishing Discovery: South Korean Farmer Finds Enormous Mushroom Masquerading as a Giant Egg

Intriguing Unveiling

In a remarkable incident that has captivated locals, Seo Ki Seok, a 73-year-old farmer residing in Hongseong District, South Chungcheong Province, stumbled upon an unusual object while tending to his mountainous grasslands. The enigmatic find, protruding from the ground, was white, perfectly round, and mammoth in size, measuring an astonishing 30 cm in diameter and weighing a staggering 2 kg. Bearing an uncanny resemblance to an oversized egg, this perplexing discovery left Seo Ki Seok intrigued enough to transport it back to his homestead.

An Expert Opinion

The story of Mr. Seo Ki Seok’s enigmatic “giant egg” rapidly gained traction, luring an inquisitive reporter to his residence for an investigation. In a surprising twist, an expert revealed that Seo Ki Seok’s intriguing find was, in fact, not an egg. Instead, it turned out to be a species of mushroom known as Calvatia gigantea, or the giant puffball. This peculiar fungus is commonly found in grasslands, fields, bushes, and deciduous forests during the late summer and autumn months. Remarkably, these particular mushrooms can thrive in temperate regions across the globe.

Astonishing Characteristics

Giant puffballs, scientifically known as Calvatia gigantea, exhibit a distinct white hue and exceptional size, resembling the shape of an egg. These mushrooms can grow to weigh an astonishing 20 kilograms with a diameter of up to 1.5 meters. While they are considered edible when in their young and white stage, caution is advised when they begin to produce spores, as their internal coloration transitions to yellow, potentially leading to digestive system disruptions. Moreover, these fungi grow extraordinarily fast and start decomposing within a few weeks, highlighting the inherent danger associated with consuming them.

Health Properties and Market Value

Interestingly, Calvatia gigantea possesses rare medicinal attributes, including hemostatic, detoxifying, and purported male enhancement properties, although further scientific research is needed to confirm these claims. Reports indicate that a smaller specimen of this giant mushroom, approximately 20 cm in size, was previously discovered in a local apple orchard in North Jeolla Province, Korea, fetching an impressive price tag of 50 million won (equivalent to approximately 1.3 million baht). Given the larger size of Mr. Seo Ki Seok’s find, it is anticipated that its market value will surpass this amount.

A man from a wide Korean found a “huge egg” weighing 2 kg. Experts argued that it is a “mushroom” Do not eat it, very dangerous. But the previous person found it less than this. Still selling for 50 million!!!

According to a report by The Chosun Ilbo newspaper on September 5, 2023, a farmer named “Seo Ki Seok”, 73 years old, lives in Hongseong District. South Chungcheong Province South Korea I went to cut grass on the mountain. Meanwhile, I happened to see a strange object. It grows from the ground, white, quite round, very large, about 30 cm in diameter and weighs about 2 kg. It looks like a giant egg. Although he didn’t know what this was. But still decided to bring him home.

After that, the story of Mr. Seo Ki Seok discovering the “giant egg” began to spread rapidly. To the point of having a reporter come to his house to find this out, the old farmer learned the truth from an expert: What he actually found was not an egg. Instead, it is a type of mushroom called Calvatia gigantea, also known as the giant puffball. It is commonly found in grasslands, fields, bushes and deciduous forests in late summer and autumn. They can be found in temperate regions around the world.

Giant puff mushrooms, or Calvatia gigantea, are usually white and large. The sphere looks like an egg. They can weigh up to 20 kilograms and a diameter of up to 1.5 metres. When the mushrooms are young and still white inside, they can be eaten. But when the mushroom produces spores, the inside turns yellow. And eating it can cause disorders of the digestive system. which grows very fast And in a few weeks it will rot. Therefore, it is very dangerous to eat it.

However, medically, Calvatia gigantea is a rare mushroom that has hemostatic, detoxifying and male enhancement properties, but its true health effects still need further research.

According to news reports, it is said that the giant mushroom Calvatia gigantea was previously discovered in a community apple orchard. North Jeolla Province, Korea, with a size of about 20 cm and sells for up to 50 million won (about 1.3 million baht), so the mushrooms that Mr. Seo Ki Seok found can be sold at a much higher price. Because of the larger size

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