Unusual image of Uranus’ moon Miranda.

The Ministry of Public Health reveals a picture of the moon Miranda, the moon of Uranus that has a strange appearance.

Today (February 17, 2022) the National Institute of Astronomical Research (PDR) page released a picture of Uranus’ moon Miranda, a very small moon. It is made up of rocks and ice. It is only 470 km in diameter, but has enough mass and gravity to adjust its shape to hydrostatic equilibrium, or its shape close to a spherical shape.

From the picture, we can see that Miranda’s moon is very diverse in geology. There is an arc ravine that is approximately 20 kilometers deep (10 times deeper than the Grand Canyon on Earth), which is named “Verona cliffs” (Verona Rupes) and also found a layer of geological tectonic features. That makes this moon look very ugly and unusual among all the moons in the solar system, it is possible.

The reason for the diversity on the Miranda lunar surface is Scientists have hypothesized that Miranda had been hit by a massive object and shattered into pieces, and then the space debris reunited by gravity. Or it may be caused by geological phenomena within this moon. causing the expansion or inflating of the moon until becoming a topography as we can see in the picture


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