Unveiling Studio Bside’s new work, ‘Project Star’

Studio Bside’s new work, ‘Project Star’, was unveiled at the Counterside Showcase.

Today (28th), Studio Bside held an exhibition to announce the transfer of Counterside’s own service and future updates to be held in February at Free Up Studio. The exhibition will be held in two parts from 17:00, and in the first part, director Park Sang-yeon announced the general content of the update that will be applied to the counter side, which will be transferred to its service itself on February 8th. .

Subsequently, Studio Bside released a teaser video of the new project “Project Star” which is being developed during a break to announce the roadmap for the first half of 2023 and prepare for Q&A Part 2. In the teaser, a character with a similar silhouette to the awakened version of Counterside’s protagonist Maria Antonov appears. However, unlike Counterside, which has an apocalypse and urban fantasy theme, it created a completely different atmosphere by focusing on the fantasy-style city and blue sky.

Detailed information about Project Star’s synopsis, character information, and world view have yet to be released, but the scene where the main characters go on a road with armed arms after seeing the notice posted on the bulletin board and the paper that looks like a quest through a guild is a bounty, and is thought to have adopted the composition of a traditional fantasy RPG that accepts orders and fulfills them. On the other hand, the main character’s weapon is similar to the weapon used by Yumina, the protagonist of Counterside, and has the phrase ‘Administration’ written on it, so you can glimpse some of the connections with Counterside.

The platform and related information of Studio Bside’s new work, ‘Project Star’, will also be revealed at a later date.

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