UOB joins hands with partners to develop a strategy of “Gamification & Behavioral Science” in SME businesses

United Overseas Bank Thailand joins forces with partners to create a better employee experience and long-term relationship with customers through strategy. “Gamification & Behavioral Science” will offer a variety of online marketing strategies to build a customer base, generate revenue and build long-term relationships with customers. By opening a 3-month course through the project “Smart Business Transformation or SBTP” Year 2022 to introduce SMEs from 250 companies to bring knowledge and help create a good experience for employees in organizations and businesses.

Ms. Sirinan Jiradilok, Head of Digital Engagement & Fintech Innovation, UOB Bank Thailand Revealed that the Smart Business Transformation project or SBTP was first initiated in Thailand since 2019 to support and develop the capabilities of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs (SMEs) in Thailand to be able to transform their organizations into full digital.

The SBTP program is operated by UOB Thailand and The Finlab, an innovation accelerator operating under UOB. Along with cooperation and support from various alliance organizations, such as the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa), the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP), private sector alliance organizations. including digital solution providers

By participating in the project, SMEs will be able to identify problems in business operations. Including getting advice on how to use various tools Knowledge and working guidelines for adaptation Build confidence in using new innovations. ready to try out the right digital solution in order to be able to use technology to try to solve problems that occur effectively

Summary of SBTP project implementation and results

Year 2019 Launched a project to help Thai SMEs develop and increase their digital capabilities. Ready to transform the organization with full digital


15 entrepreneurs participating in the project with an intensive method of cultivating knowledge Insights from the experts and technology developers in various fields as well as providing high touch assistance in recommending suitable solutions. until it helps to implement and use it


Fifteen entrepreneurs have applied technology and digital solutions to transform and drive their organizations digitally. which has seen significant positive results. by helping to increase business efficiency reduce costs Create digital attitudes and ideas in the organization as well as helping to support and facilitate business expansion into other countries in the region, such as the Nappi baby brand, a manufacturer and distributor of baby products made from bamboo fiber. after transforming the business to digital

1. e-commerce sales grew 150% in 2020 and continued to grow well in the epidemic situation this year after fully implementing e-commerce.

2.Reduce the cost of personnel Storefront rental fee, deploying Fulfillment system for warehouse management reduce the overall business cost by 50 percent, can be extended

3. Expand international market Recently, there are new distributors in Malaysia as well as coaching for SMEs who want to change to online business. where should start By using the systematic learning experience from the SBTP project very well

Kingdom Organic or the food network that drives the development of organic agriculture, is another SME that has continuously changed its business

1. Development guidelines for both sales, marketing, and management with ERP systems, even in remote areas to control efficiency and costs.

2. Management with Smart Faming system and using Big Data Management, AI, Machine Learning to respond to the productivity of the product through the block chain system. It has adapted to industrial agriculture with technology and innovation.

In the year 2020 – 2021 with the situation of the epidemic of Covid-19 The project has therefore been redesigned to be entirely online. to help SMEs without limits across the country as a guideline for learning and transforming the organization into the digital era as they wish


with the impact of COVID-19 The project therefore focuses on helping entrepreneurs in selling online. Due to the urgent need to bring digital to support the business to be able to continue, such as adopting e-commerce, digital marketing to the point of view of business management in order to make the business run smoothly. and more efficient A total of 59 webinars were held, reaching 6,567 SMEs, 4,033 online platforms, and 586 total technology adoption.


Entrepreneurs can continuously adapt their business to digital. Able to cope with the COVID-19 crisis Implement new digital technology that aligns with our operations. as well as expanding the business to the international market as well

Dolly Solutions Co. Parking lot system developers and traffic equipment distributors
The DPARK brand has implemented a wide range of digital training solutions, such as email marketing, to help them reach their target customers. At the same time, it can save the cost of marketing.

In 2022, the situation of COVID-19 decrease in severity But there is still continuity in the epidemic. and is in the transition from an epidemic to a common infectious disease. or endemic disease project this year Therefore, it focuses on helping SMEs transform their businesses to digital. with the knowledge and skills necessary to drive the business towards long-term and sustainable growth This will be a business advantage. This year, the project will arrange training for 3 months continuously.

The SBTP project in 2022 is open to 200 SMEs to join the project only. By emphasizing knowledge on sustainable business practices (Sustainability) organization management and update Global Trend so that it can be applied in the business by having mentoring and consulting closely.

Focus on doing Digital Marketing, extending knowledge to Future digital marketing, which is suitable for some small and medium businesses To support entrepreneurs who still need support from last year due to the Covid situation causing some entrepreneurs to miss the opportunity to join the project.

Mr. Panuwat Sachaviriyakul, Co-Founder of Nudge Thailand Revealed that Nudge is an organization that wants to spread knowledge about economics. behavior and behavioral sciences for Thai people and gamification is to bring parts of the game into what you do, such as studying, customer care or business, by using the psychological technology from the game to motivate people to feel willing to do behavior”, something until it becomes a habit Which will focus on Engagement and Motivotion, whether in terms of subordinates or customers, can be used It is divided into 2 dimensions: customers and subordinates.

An example of use is Making coupons to collect points in bubble tea shops When ordering a total of 10 glasses, the coupon can be redeemed for 1 free glass. Once customers have followed the steps, they will feel that they have to buy quickly and in large quantities. in order to collect points and exchange for 1 free glass

Steps for SMEs to start using Gamification

1. Choose your target audience clearly. (Which customer group, which team’s subordinate)

2. Plan the playing system (What mechanism do you use to get people to play?)

3. Build relationship cycles (What drive makes people repeat?)

4. Select a success metric (eg Active users, Engagement, Convertions).

For SMEs with needs and readiness to adapt their business to digital can see more information available via website www.thefinlab.com/thailand

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