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The PlusQ wine cellar is on sale at the “Amazon Time Sale Festival” which takes place today from September 24th.

For sale are Peltier wine cellars and a compressor from PlusQ. As for products where you can see the discount amount before the sale, the Peltier type is for 18 to 24 types, and the compressor type is for products that can store from 15 to 53. there are

Compressor type

  • Holds 15 bottles: 49,800 yen → 44,300 yen (5,000 yen off)
  • 21 bottles can be stored: 54,800 yen → 49,300 yen (5,500 yen off)
  • 31 bottles can be stored: ¥64,800 → ¥58,300 (¥6,500 off)
  • 53 bottles can be stored: 109,800 yen → 98,800 yen (11,000 yen off)

A Peltier type wine cellar uses a Peltier element which absorbs and releases heat when an electric current passes through it. Cooling performance is inferior to the compressor type, and the running cost (electricity bill) is slightly higher, but it has the advantage of being quieter and cheaper to install.

On the other hand, the compressor type has a slightly higher introduction cost than the Peltier type, but it has advantages such as excellent cooling performance and stable cooling.

In this time sale festival, the above wine cellar is sold at the same price as Prime Day which will be held in July this year. By the way, I bought one compressor type that can store 15 bottles on Prime Day, and I managed to survive the heat wave this summer without any problems. Recommended for those who want to buy a cheap wine cellar. The sale will run until 23:59 on September 27th.

PlusQ Peltier Wine Cellar

PlusQ compressor wine cellar

A point up campaign is currently taking place

In this Amazon time selling festival, the annual “pointing” campaign” is reserved. If you shop for a total of 10,000 yen or more during the sale period, the point return rate will increase up to 10% depending on the conditions. The maximum point is 5,000 points.

The target products are all products sold on Amazon

and in addition to the normal return rate, +2% for prime members and +0.5% for shopping with the Amazon shopping app. Plus, if you shop with an Amazon Mastercard, you can add up to 3%, including regular returns.

This time, 4.5% will be added when buying food, drinks and alcohol, and you can receive a point discount of up to 10%.Access to the campaign

is required, so don’t forget to enter if you want to increase your points discount rate.

(*Kindle Unlimited, Prime Video, Prime Music, Audible, and other flat-rate services, Amazon gift certificates, Amazon coins, monthly and annual membership fees for Amazon Prime members, all shipping fees and charges, wrapping charges, and items withheld are eligible. outside)

In conjunction with this time selling festival, a free shipping campaign will also be implemented. This campaign is limited to products carried by Amazon, and shipping is free for anyone, regardless of order amount.

Free shipping is a benefit normally only available to Prime members, but during this sale period, non-Prime members can also purchase items with free shipping.

No login is required to use the campaign, and if you select “free standard shipping” on the order confirmation page, the shipping fee will automatically be free. Make sure to select “Free Standard Shipping” as other shipping options such as “Expedited Shipping” and “Delivery Schedule” are not eligible for the campaign.

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▼ iPhone 14/14 Pro can be ordered from the official online store!
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