‘Up to 13 billion won ransom’ Park Seok-min,’KS move’ that does not fit the name [MK시선]

Maekyung.com MK Sports (Gocheok, Seoul) Reporter Ahn Juncheol

It looks like it is becoming an’icon of cold water’. This is a story about NC Dinos veteran infielder Park Seok-min (35) who will be in the 2020 Korean Series.

NC lost 6-7 in the 3rd game of the 2020 KBO League Korea Series (7 matches, 4 best wins) against Doosan Bears held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 20th. With the defeat on this day, NC gave up both the 2nd and 3rd games to Doosan after winning the 1st game, and began to be pushed back to 1 win and 2 losses in the series.

It was a regrettable game. Especially the veterans didn’t do my part. Among them, Park Seok-min, who fell out with the start of defense at the end of the 4th inning, stands out. Park Seok-min was fixed as the fifth third baseman in this series. However, it is Park Seok-min who leaves only deep regrets from Game 1 to Game 3.

picture explanationOn the afternoon of the 18th, the 2020 postseason NC Dinos and Doosan Bears played the second game of the Korean series at Gocheok Sky Dome. In the second inning, NC third baseman Park Seok-min caught Doosan Park Gun-woo’s batted ball, but it turned into a bad throw at first base. Photo = Reporter Kim Jae-hyun

In the first game, Park Seok-min made a mistake leading to a concession by failing to properly handle the ordinary ground-ball hitting by Park Gun-woo in the 1st 2nd and 3rd base in the 5th inning ahead of 4-0. Fortunately, as the team won 5-3, Park Seok-min’s error was buried.

However, the mistake in the second game was fatal. In the situation of defending one company, first and second base in the second inning against 0-0, Park Seok-min recorded a throw error while dealing with Park Gun-woo’s missed batting ball. This immediately led to a concession, and NC gave two points only in the second inning and was attracted to Doosan. Park Seok-min’s mistake came even more regrettable because he lost 1 point (4-5) in a fierce pursuit at the end of the 9th inning. NC coach Dong-wook Lee, who had made a mistake in Park Seok-min’s two consecutive games earlier in the third game, said, “My heart looked impatient. They also expressed regret, saying, “The win or loss is different from those small things.”

But on this day, the decisive cold water poured on the base. The NC made a chance to score a large number of goals in the third inning, falling 1-2. Kwon Hee-dong and Park Min-woo’s consecutive hits, Lee Myung-gi made 1 company 2nd and 3rd base with a sacrifice bun, and Na Seongbeom tied the score with 1 RBI on a sacrifice fly. Park Se-hyuk missed Choi Won-joon’s ball at Yang Ui-ji’s at-bat, and Park Min-woo, who was third base runner, succeeded in a 3-2 turnaround with a witty sliding.

After that, even Yanguiji went to the sand dunes, and the atmosphere rapidly flowed toward the NC. It was Park Seok-min at bat at 2nd first base. He made a deep left hit against the changed pitcher Hong Kun-hee. In the process of Yangui-ji going to third base, Park Seok-min ran to second base. However, I was caught in the relay play leading to Kim Jae-hwan, Kim Jae-ho and Choi Ju-hwan. Sliding, but outtiming. Even in video reading, the judgment was not overturned. Moreover, while sliding too urgently, he suffered an injury in which his left middle finger was sprained. Park Seok-min also appeared in the defense at the end of the 3rd inning and did not seem to be a major injury, but in the end, he was replaced with Seok-hoon Ji at the end of the 4th. It was a shabby replacement.

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picture explanationOn the 20th, at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, the 3rd round of the “2020 KBO League” Korean Series (7 matches, 4 best matches), NC Dinos and Doosan Bears were held. NC Park Seok-min hits a left-handed hit at the first base of the second in the third inning and runs to second base, and is being tagged out by Doosan’s second baseman Choi Ju-hwan. Photo (Gocheok, Seoul) = Reporter Kim Young-gu

Park Seok-min is the player with the most Korean series experience in NC. Starting with the Korean Series in 2004, when he just joined the Samsung Lions, wearing a Samsung uniform, participated in the Korean Series for 6 consecutive years from 2010 to 2015, and experienced winning the Korean Series four times.

After that, at the end of the 2015 season, he became a free agent (FA) and wore an NC uniform for up to 9.6 billion won in 4 years ahead of the 2016 season. Park Seok-min, who got his second free agency qualification before this season, renewed a contract with NC for up to 3.4 billion won in 2+1 years. This means that NC invested up to 13 billion won in Park Seok-min. He is participating in the second Korean series after wearing the Samsung uniform 7 times and the NC uniform after 2016. This is Park Seok-min, who has been experiencing the Korean series 9 times. But in this Korean series, rather than a row that doesn’t fit the name and ransom. Moreover, it is not known whether he will be able to compete in the fourth game due to a finger injury. As for the NC, the veteran’s sluggishness, which should hold the center of the squad, is inevitable. [email protected]
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