Home World “Up to 400,000 deaths are feared”… Myanmar military ‘Memorize Buddhist sutras’

“Up to 400,000 deaths are feared”… Myanmar military ‘Memorize Buddhist sutras’

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As the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) situation worsens in Myanmar, which is suffering from a shortage of vaccines and medical supplies, the military government urged citizens to chant blasphemy and drive out the coronavirus. The monks criticized, “What we need now is not blasphemy, but a cylinder of oxygen.”

According to Myanmar media Irrawaddy on the 20th, a notice from the Myanmar Ministry of Religion and Culture was published in a newspaper run by the military the day before. The notice urged citizens to “recite the sutra of Ratana at home, which can defeat famine and disease.” He also requested that Buddhist groups in each region, such as monks’ groups, guide them so that they can recite Buddhist scriptures well in the village in accordance with the Corona 19 quarantine regulations.

According to Irrawaddy, just a month ago, in Mandalay, Myanmar’s second city, the military denounced the military regime and insulted and assaulted the monks who preached profanity. The military, which suppressed the monks, is now asking the monks to help with the ‘recitation of Buddhist scriptures’ campaign. “Buddhism considers killing a serious sin,” Irrawaddy said. Myanmar’s Ministry of Health announced on the 19th that there were 5,860 daily confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Myanmar and 286 deaths. The cumulative number of confirmed cases is 24,570, and the cumulative death toll is 5567. Most of those who died were reported to have not received medical oxygen. The Democratic Party of Myanmar insisted that the actual number of confirmed cases and deaths would be much higher than the military announced. “In reality, it seems that there are more than 20,000 new confirmed cases and more than 1,000 deaths every day,” said the Provisional Government of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. It was revealed to Asia Broadcasting. Reporter Lee Eun-taek [email protected]

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