Up to 80%! Intragames launches a discount event for its games for the Lunar New Year

Intra Games (CEO Bae Sang-chan) announced today (25th) that it will hold a discount sale event for the titles it is publishing in celebration of the Lunar New Year season.

This event, which is held for PlayStation®4 (hereafter PS4™) and PC Steam platforms, applies a discount to a total of 52 titles. There are titles with discounts of up to 80%, so it will be a good opportunity to purchase the titles you want at the end of the year.

Through the PlayStation™Store (hereinafter referred to as the PS Store), ‘Ultra Age’ released on September 9 last year, and ‘Sherlock Holmes Chapter One’, the third paid DLC update on January 20 this year, also joined the discount ranks. ‘Sherlock Holmes Chapter One’ is 20% off for the regular edition, deluxe edition, and season pass.

In addition, Nipponichi Software titles such as ‘Shin Hayarigami 2’, ‘The Witch and the Hundred Horsemen 2’ and ‘The Witch and the Hundred Horseman Revival’, ‘Lupran’s Labyrinth and the Witch’s Brigade’, and ‘Devil World War II Disgaea Refine’ are also included. were included in large numbers. In addition, ‘Remnant From the Ash’, developed by Gunfire Games and published by Perfect World, is also sold at a discount for the main game, additional content, and the set.

‘Shin Hayarigami 2’ is the previous work of ‘Shin Hayarigami 3’, which is scheduled to be released in Korea in the first half of this year, and deals with the story just before the 3 episodes. got a reaction It is also a good opportunity to experience before the release of ‘Shin Hayarigami 3’. SNK’s ‘Samurai Showdown’ is also sold in the regular version, deluxe edition, and all three season passes at low prices.

‘Ultra Age’ is a high-speed action game in collaboration with Intragames, Next Stage, and Visual Dart. .

Intragames’ publishing title discount will start on January 26th on the PS Store and January 27th on PC Steam. The event ends on February 3rd for PC Steam and February 9th for PS Store. Detailed discount rates for each title can be found at the store for each platform.

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