Upakit senator accepts close relationship with ‘Burmese arms dealer’ arrested for 20 years, guarantees no drugs involved

“Senator. Upakit” covers the guarantee. Burmese arms dealers have nothing to do with drugs Just a business that sells electricity honestly. but it may be related to the transfer of money to the Electricity but gave up before becoming a senator, ready to turn to Dharma Ood was dragged by the media to be part of “Pareena” throughout the long divorce.

On 22 September at 1:00 pm in the National Assembly, Senator Upakit Pajariyangkun spoke about the case that the name was linked to a business with the venture capitalist Min Lat, who was identified as an arms broker for the Myanmar Armed Forces. And he was arrested by the authorities in Thailand on charges of drug and money laundering which was nothing. Min Lat ventured into a fire trading business between Tachilek and Mae Sai. which is a genuine business He has known the person for 10 years, which can be confirmed because he is a Myanmar businessman. He had a close relationship with the Burmese leader. and he dared to guarantee that he had nothing to do with drugs In particular, he and his family had no history of decline. We have been doing business for 10 years and have never been involved in this type of thing.

“I saw the news that came out and I was shocked. as if referring to me it was therefore necessary to answer all the media’s questions. I used to be a hotel owner in Tachilek, never hide. I always said that I used to own this hotel on Tachilek side Always doing business with integrity, never involved. or related to drugs In the past, this was not the only business I did before coming to Thailand. In the past, I was a civil servant in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. and then he resigned at the age of 30 to do business in a neighboring country The hotel is one of my businesses, and after 8-9 years, I became deeply into Buddhism. So, I don’t want to interfere with anything related to the border. So I came to Bangkok and started a company on the stock exchange. And never stepped on the entrance. After that, he was appointed a senator,” said Mr Upakit.

Mr. said Upakit further once he was appointed senator He wants to clear everything and he doesn’t want to be dirty. so he sold the hotel and did not hide anything An explanation was given to the NACC. and those who doubt because there is nothing black or abnormal at all especially when he was still the owner of the hotel. He is serious about drugs and uses sniffer dogs to stop people getting into the car. Because doing border business is offensive. But he understood because he read from the news of the capitalist Min Lat after he sold the hotel. He still wanted to continue his business of selling electricity. so he came to register a company in Thailand

“The problem happened when the checkpoint was closed a few years ago, when he used to do business with it. Usually when the checkpoint opens the Myanmar Electricity Authority will bring cash to us at the hotel. and then cross the checkpoint to Kasikorn Bank Because the Provincial Electricity Authority does not accept cash because there are no employees to count the money. and afraid of fake banknotes and borders using baht So we put money in the bank to give a cashier’s check. paying for electricity which has been like this for many years until the checkpoint was closed. There was a problem because he had given up all the business, but the capitalist Min Lat took it. He didn’t know how to get the money to pay the electric utility, so he deposited the transferee.”

“In this case, it could include the money sender. For example, if there is a restaurant Wan Dee Dee A drug dealer came to eat. Then take the money to sell drugs to pay Does this have to come and catch the shop owner? Will he know? So, it must be fair that this is related to the Burmese people. people close to the leader The person in the embassy guarantees that he has no blemish history. He is over 50 years old because if he does drugs, he must have a history. But this story has no drug connections at all. There is only money transfer. which is not all.”

“He read that he was an arms dealer turned giant and devil. Although he represented Israel selling equipment As far as I know, he was a legitimate agent sold to the Burmese government. This is the business he does. and will settle to do electricity business in Thailand Money and assets were transferred from abroad. can prove all the origins And he bought a condo because he was preparing to come to Thailand. It’s all confiscated now. I think it’s about the case he has to prove to the court.”

Mr Upakit confirmed that He had been in contact with the venture capitalist Min Lat all along because they had known each other for over 20 years, insisting that he was not selling illegal weapons and was definitely not involved in drugs. but not sure about the connection to the money transfer system

When asked if he had spoken to Mr Pornpetch Wichitcholchai, the president of the Senate, Mr Upakit said We have not spoken to each other because it was sudden. and during this period the meeting ends In fact, he had to go abroad with the Commission. However, he was willing to talk to everyone. because I know myself well Confirm that they do not belong to anything. and not worried Otherwise, he wouldn’t have come to talk to the press. but sympathizes with those accused who should receive justice.

“Let me talk a little about a personal matter. I’ve always been accused of being like a godfather. I don’t know why you have to write to me all the time. I made some mistakes in my marriage. May I ask, is there really a need to repeat? But I never responded. He will say anything. And the media has been writing all the time, even though Ms Parina Kraikup, a former member of Ratchaburi MP for Pracharath Party Divorced me a long time ago In fact, his life is his life. my life is my life Even him, I never responded. Because this is a personal matter,” said Mr Upakit in a trembling voice.

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