Update| Mong Kok Fa Yuen Street private car plows the pavement and hits a woman passerby

In the afternoon, a private car shoveled the pavement on Fa Yuen Street in Mong Kok, and firefighters were on the scene to deal with the incident. (Fb photo in the road discussion area)

【Update at 16:45】An accident happened in Mong Kok this afternoon (27th) when a private car plowed onto a pavement, and a girl passing by walked away.Can’t avoidbruise him.

Private car insurance rush into the shop The driver blows waves without going beyond the standard

The scene is Fa Yuen Street, Mong Kok,At 1:43 pm, the police received a report.is a private carDriving along Fa Yuen Street, preparing to exit Dundas Street, suddenlyHaving lost control, he ran onto the pavement and rushed towards a shop on the side of the road. A 22-year-old girl happened to be walking past the shop. her left foot.

According to photos on the Internet, most of the private car in question was parked on the pavement and almost crashed into a shop.The personnel then rushed to the scene, and the firefighters rescued the injured, she had bruises on her hands and feet and was sent to hospital by ambulance for treatment. alcohol breath test afterwards.

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