Update 10 provinces with the highest infection. “Bangkok” still leads Nakhon Si – Lopburi to show up on the list.

Update 10 provinces with the highest infection. “Bangkok” still leads Nakhon Si – Lopburi to show up on the list.

Date 27 Jan 2022 time 12:25

Prof. Reveals information on 10 provinces with the highest infections. Bangkok still leads the 1st place at 1,427 cases, keeping an eye on the Nakhon Si Thammarat perimeter. Lopburi emerges from the dart

On 27 Jan. 65, the Center for Epidemic Situation Administration of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (CDC) reported the situation of the epidemic of COVID-19. in the country daily as follows

– 8,078 new cases, comprising 7,772 patients from surveillance and service systems, 44 cases from proactive search, 37 from prisons, and 225 people from overseas, totaling 2,407,022 cases. 27th place in the world

– 22 deaths / cumulative total 22,098, 12 males, 10 females, aged 46-96 years, 22 Thais, aged 60 and over, 16 under 60 years, 3 chronic diseases, none History of chronic disease in 3 cases. Risk factors for disease severity. Most have congenital disease High blood pressure, diabetes, HPL, kidney disease, obesity, bedridden. The risk factors for infection Infected by close friends, acquaintances, family, living in the epidemic area. and risky careers

– 6,595 more recovered patients, total 2,302,164, leaving 82,760 patients treated, of which 548 were in severe condition and 102 had to be on a ventilator.

– The number of vaccinations against COVID-19 Given to people since Thailand started vaccinating against COVID-19 on 28 Feb. 64 until 26 Jan. 65, it was found that there were 113,622,267 doses of cumulative vaccination, divided into 52,174,471 doses and the first dose. The second dose was 48,355,039 doses, the third dose was 13,092,757 doses, only on January 26, 65 vaccinated totaling 440,671 doses.

– The number of new cases of COVID-19 in the country today, the top 10 provinces 1.Bangkok 1,427 cases 2.Samut Prakan 692 cases 3.Nonthaburi 460 cases 4.Chonburi 334 cases 5.Phuket 332 cases 6.Khon Kaen 247 cases 7.Nakhon Si Thammarat 204 cases 8.Pathum Thani 195 cases 9.Ratchaburi 187 cases and 10.Udon Thani and Lopburi, 129 per province



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