Update! Jun. 65 Thai people “travel abroad” in Asia zone, where can I get it?

Not long ago, officialJapan” has announced “open country“Welcome foreign tourists Calling out a lot of excitement from the Thai travellers. There are also many countries in asia It is starting to gradually accept foreign tourists and Thai tourists as well. Who wants it?travel abroad” In the middle of 2022, prepare to look for a free day.

Bangkok online business invite travel updates “Travel abroad” (May – Jun 65) ready “covid prevention measures” in these 7 popular destinations for Thai people

1. Japan

In late May 2022, the Japan Tourism Agency (JTA) issued an announcement stating that Japanese authorities will begin to allow “Small tour groups” can travel into the country. According to the travel test plan under the campaign “Test Tourism” in order to gather information before returning to open tourism again in full

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The main condition is to be a tourist who has beenComplete 3 vaccinations and travel from 4 countries: United States, Australia, Singapore, Thailand will be allowed to participate in this group tour. JTA will implement a rigorous plan with the tourism authorities. and under the cooperation of tour companies in Japan

Latest update! (26 May 2022) A news report from the website nhk.or.jp states that Japan will open the country to foreign tourists to visit in the form of “Guided tour groupAvailable from 10 June 2022 onwards.

by the Japanese government Announcement to adjust the new immigration rules by returning to accept tourists from 98 countries who come to travel by purchasing tour packages Also adjust the reception of foreign tourists from 10,000 people to 20,000 people per day since June 1, 2022

An important condition is a country with a low infection rate. (Classified in blue or blue ; Thailand is in this group) able to enter Japan without testing for COVID

  • Must travel in a guided group tour only.
  • no need to detain
  • No RT-PCR check at Japanese airports.
  • The Vaccine Certificate is not required.
  • need insurance for covid (no limit specified)
  • Can travel only in provinces that are permitted to enter and did not declare a state of emergency
  • Must have received 3 doses of COVID-19 vaccine: Pfizer 3 doses, Moderna 3 doses, Novavax 3 doses, first 2 doses of AZ (3 doses must be Pfizer, Moderna, Novavax), the first 2 doses of Covaxin (the 3rd dose must be Pfizer, Moderna, Novavax). 3 must be Pfizer, Moderna, Novavax), 1 Johnson & Johnson

More details can be found at the website mofa.go.jp.

2. South Korea

The country opened to welcome tourists from April 1, 2022, by allowing tourists from 46 countries, including Thailand, to enter South Korea byno visa required and do not have to detain

Latest update! 30 May 2022 There are travel conditions that you must know as follows:

  • Must register through the K-ETA (Korea Electronic Travel Authorization) system within 72 hours prior to departure. There is a fee of 10,000 won or about 300 baht.
  • Register for a Q-CODE or fill out vaccination information. in order not to be detained (Pre-registration before departure)
  • Documents must be presented International covid-19 vaccination certificate (can request at the doctor ready app)
  • There is no need to quarantine for 7 days under the conditions that are Must have received 1 dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine or received 2 doses of the coronavirus vaccine as approved by the World Health Organization.
  • Those who have received the full dose of the vaccine as above *No need for covid insurance*
  • those who are not vaccinated or incomplete vaccinations Must be insured for COVID and have to quarantine for 7 days.
  • whonot vaccinated or those traveling from the countryPakistan, Uzbekistan, Myanmar and Ukraine must also be ‘quarantined’. 7 days, even if vaccinated or not
  • Must show a negative RT-PCR test result within 48 hours prior to travel or a negative ATK test result within 24 hours prior to travel. This document must be in Korean or English.
  • Must pass incoming RT-PCR infection again. upon arrival in Korea See more at Measures for entering South Korea

3. Hong Kong

A report from the info.gov.hk website states that Hong Kong has opened its doors to foreigners. From 1 May 2022 onwards, for foreign tourists and Thai tourists who want to visit Hong Kong can go, but still need to “quarantine” for at least 7 days There are travel conditions and measures that you need to know as follows:

  • Register a health report before entering Hong Kong via the website chp.gov.hk/hdf/.
  • Must present a certificate of vaccination, vaccine passport or National Certificate of COVID-19 Vaccination. Complete doses as certified by Hong Kong. For a list of vaccines, visit coronavirus.gov.hk (Load the certificate from the doctor ready app)
  • Must show negative results for COVID PCR, RT-PCR test no later than 48 hours before travelling.
  • Hotel reservation for 7-night quarantine
  • Getting COVID insurance before you travel no specific information
  • Upon arrival in Hong Kong, ATK must be checked again.
  • Foreign tourists and returning Hong Kong residents are required to self-isolate at a government-designated hotel for at least 7 days.

Details of quarantine and tourism in Hong Kong are as follows:

– 14 days of self-quarantine in principle, which is divided into 7 days in a government-designated hotel and daily RAT (Rapid Antigen Test) testing, and on the 5th day, RT-PCR testing must be repeated.

– If on the 7th day there is no infection and complete vaccination can leave the hotel to travel But have to self-monitor for another 7 days, with RT-PCR examination on the 12th day (if it is inconvenient to self-monitor can continue to quarantine in hotels for up to 14 days)

4. Singapore

Previously, Singapore started “open country” Foreign tourists have been welcomed since March 2022, in the first period requiring tourists to register in advance. and travel under the special VLT (Vaccinated Travel Lane) scheme. Later, on April 1, 2022, Singapore has canceled travel via VLT.

Last updated on 26 Apr 2022 A VisitSingapore report said that as of April 26, travelers have received full doses of the vaccine. No need to test for COVID-19 when traveling to Singapore ready to travel”no need to detain“There are conditions and travel measures as follows:

  • The full dose of the vaccine must be received at least 2 weeks before the travel date. It is the WHO-approved type. For information on prescribing vaccines, see safetravel.ica.gov.sg
  • The SG Arrival Card and Health Declaration must be completed online with the Immigration Department within 3 days before departure or by clicking on eservices.ica.gov.sg.
  • Download the app TraceTogether and register before traveling
  • Proof of vaccination, Vaccine Passport is required.
  • No need to test for covid Upon arrival in Singapore
  • People who have received the full dose of vaccination as scheduled. *No need for covid insurance
  • those who are not vaccinated or incomplete vaccinations must have covid insurance The coverage limit is 30,000 SGD. For more information, please visit the website. go.gov.sg/mtf-22apr

5. Vietnam

Earlier, Vietnam had begun to follow the plan to “open the country” to welcome foreign tourists. Starting from March 16, 2022, Vietnam has announced “Repeat the requirement to present a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19” and tourists “no need to detain

Later, on April 27, 2022, further measures were relaxed, namely abolishing health screening requirements for inbound international travelers, meaning no coronavirus testing will be performed on tourists arriving in Vietnam.

Latest update 15 May 2022 A news report from Xinhua news agency said that from May 15, 2022, Vietnam has lifted its COVID-19 testing requirements. Before coming to Vietnam, there is no need to submit documents of any Covid test results. Other conditions and measures when traveling to Vietnam:

  • Travel in Vietnam without registering to enter the country.
  • No need to show RT-PCR COVID-19 test results within 48 hours before travelling.
  • No RT-PCR coronavirus testing required upon arrival in Vietnam
  • Vaccine Passport or National Certificate Vaccination is required.
  • need insurance for covid Coverage 50,000 USD

6. Indonesia (Bali)

Bali Island, Indonesia “open country” to receive foreign tourists since March 2022, which Thai tourists who want to visit Bali still need to do Visa on Arrival, costing IDR 500.000 per person or about 1,200 baht.

Later, on April 6, 2022, the Balinese government announced “Visa waiver” for tourism purposes for 9 ASEAN countries including Thailand

Latest update 19 May 2022 Bali authorities have adjusted conditions and relaxed travel measures for foreigners more. to be able to travel by “No need to quarantine” with the following requirements:

  • You must download the Peduli Lindungi app and register for vaccinations before you enter Bali, or click peduli-lindungi.
  • People who have received the full dose of vaccination *No need to show PCR test results Negative 48 hours before departure
  • Vaccine Passport vaccination certificate must be presented.
  • Fill out customs information online at e-CD
  • Must have received either 2 doses or 3 doses (booster) vaccine as prescribed by the WHO. If received the 3 dose, it must be vaccinated at least 14 days before travelling.
  • Must have travel insurance covering COVID19 in the name of Indonesia’s Jaga Wisata. and must buy before traveling See more details at welcomebacktobali.com

7. Malaysia

There is a report from the Embassy of Malaysia that the Malaysian government has announced the relaxation of measures to prevent COVID-19 and various SOPs in the country, effective from 1 May 2022, including theupdate measuresLast 1 May 2022 About entering Malaysia for foreign tourists can travel by “no need to detain“There are conditions that must be known as follows:

  • People who have been vaccinated with complete doses as approved by the Malaysian government. and children aged 12 and under *No need to show RT-PCR and RTK covid test results before entering the country anymore See vaccine/status for details on the types of vaccines prescribed.
  • Still need to register and fill out. (pre-departure form) through the MySejahtera app before entering Malaysia to certify complete vaccination mysafetravel.gov.my/application
  • Persons entering Malaysia *No need to buy travel insurance and covid insurance. longer
  • It is recommended to wear a mask in a closed place. but for open or outdoor locations No need to wear a mask

Note: Those who have not received vaccinations/vaccinations must do a RT-PCR test 48 hours before entering the country. and have to be tested for RTK by hospitals in Malaysia again Upon arrival in Malaysia within 24 hours, if not done within the specified period, the status in the MySejahtera app will immediately change to a 5-day self-quarantine.

See more details at malaysia.travel and ThaiEmbassyKL

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